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Rick Noll Letter #3 - February 6, 2002
This letter appeared at http://www.activeworlds.com/letter.html on the activeworlds.com website in February. This is a revision of the Feb. 6 pricing announcement letter (#2) by Rick Noll. This version (still dated Feb 6) added a notice about other methods of payment.
February 6, 2002 To the Activeworlds Citizens: I would like to thank all who have supported us during this past month. So far the pricing plan has been financially successful and is helping us meet our requirements. At the same time, the new pricing has been of great concern to many of the loyal community users who have supported AW these past years. We have received much input and have revamped the plan into something that we believe will work for AW and the community. Many of you have sent us e-mails with constructive and innovative ideas on the new pricing plan. Some were very positive about the monthly charge, the majority felt it was a good idea but should be lower. About half of the responses thought that "no -tourists" was a good thing; the other half, mostly world owners, saw it as a negative. Many of you came up with well thought out plans that we took under serious consideration. The fact that so many of you were so concerned and took the time to write and call, is a tribute to the strength of your community spirit. We appreciate your concerns and efforts. We promised that we would have a final pricing schedule in February. Below is the new pricing plan that will go into effect as of February 6, 2002. Many aspects of this plan were designed around your suggestions. We are sure you will find this plan flexible and will accommodate almost everyone. Tourists are allowed limited access into the Active Worlds Universe. They are allowed only into AWGate and worlds where world owners choose to enable Tourist Access. World owners can pay an additional $59.95 annually on their worlds if they want to have Tourist Access enabled in their worlds. By registering with a credit card or PayByCash, visitors will receive a 1 week free citizenship. If they wish to continue their citizenship and do not cancel it before the end of the trial period, their credit card will automatically be charged the $6.95 per month. All new citizens are at $6.95 per month. All current $9.50 monthly charges will change to $6.95 per month. All new citizens who wish to purchase an annual plan can do so for $69.95 per year. Existing citizens keep their rate of $19.95 until their account expires. Existing citizens, who expire on or before March 3 and who renew prior to March 3, may renew at the old rate of $19.95. After March 3, 2002, any existing citizen expiring prior to December 31, 2002 may renew for $49.95 for the year. On January 1, 2003 all renewals would be at the monthly plan of $6.95 or annual of $69.95. Free citizenship with P-10 and P-20 worlds are no longer available. The P-30 will be reduced from 2 free citizenships to 1. The other worlds are not affected. Users who currently have free citizenships with their worlds are not affected until renewal time. This would form the basis of our new pricing plan. We have set up an FAQ page at http://www.activeworlds.com/faq.asp that should answer many questions users have and we will make sure to update it regularly as more questions come in. We are excited about this new plan and we hope you will all feel much more comfortable with these modifications. Thank you once again for your support as we all look forward to an exciting future for Active Worlds. Rick Noll President Activeworlds Corp.