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10/16/18Fixed F@H links; added former web host Wikipedia links.
9/19/12Minor tweaks (italics, Wikipedia links, link fixes, etc). And, yes, I know this design is outdated but I don't feel like updating it.
1/13/10Changed IAWM icon and removed Mersenne Prime rank (dead link) and MP3 link (empty).
6/21/7Finally fixed long-dead layer animation and added sitemap and Google search.
4/14/7Added links to WildEep! MacWiki entry and blog.
1/2/7Spherical Infinity link (and name) changed. Fixed SETI@Home rank link.
2/20/5Added Second Life to games.
7/8/4Added art, MP3, and sounds links to main page; Grand Theft Auto 3 to games.
7/5/4Added automatic Mersenne Prime PHP rank icon. Cool! :) Updated old news/updates.
7/4/4Tweaked layout s'mer. Added background WildEep! sound. Fixed SpamCop image.
7/2/4Fixed Mersenne Prime Search image link. Updated news/updates thanks to Internet Archive (link added at bottom). Tweaked layout.
6/23/4Re-added Mersenne Prime Search rank back since it now does not require a password...sheesh.
5/21/4Removed Mersenne Prime Search rank since it now requires a password.
4/6/4Changed FAH's rank link yet again... Moved "absolute relativity" from page top to next to spherical infinity. Added MCUP to bottom.
1/17/4Moved games to separate page.
1/18/3Added voxels link--finally--and fixed Folding@home rank link...again.
1/18/2Fixed Proxomitron link.
...?...Created distributed computing section.
9/2/1Added Max Payne.
8/2/110six logo fixed.
4/24/1SETI@home added.
1/2/1Edited legal notice [layout].
7/23/2KFixed UltraEdit image link & GIMPS ranking link.
...?...Changed layout. Added The Sims, Thief, line/word wrap philosophy, Netscape Navigator layer animation, Proxomitron link, and Mersenne Prime Search rank link. Changed AW image and motto to "absolute relativity". Edited legal notice.
~8/11/99Added "It's all relative." motto, 10six, 3D game comparison, circles, and Mersenne Prime Search and UltraEdit links. Changed AW image and NetMind.
10/21/98Created counter.
~2/25/98Moved to TNLC.
~11/97Moved to Xoom Internet Archive Wayback Machine Wikipedia: Xoom (web hosting).
~6/97Created webpage in Netscape Composer on Yahoo! GeoCities Wikipedia: Yahoo! GeoCities.


"Absolute Circular/Spherical Infinity Relativity"

Line/word wrap philosophy

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Distributed Computing

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

Folding@Home (protein folding)

SETI@home: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

MCUP (McAfee AntiVirus DAT updater) (187K ZIP, DOS) - readme (no longer works)

My pseudonym is based off the Apple Macintosh "WildEep!" system sound (the sound that played when the page loaded), was originally "EepEep", then shortened to "Eep²" in late 1997.

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