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Bug/Error Report

Last Modified: 12/29/06

Be sure to read over the Active Worlds FAQ prior to submitting a report. Also, see Active Worlds Support for more info.

Describe the problem in more detail (what you were doing at the time, steps to reproduce/duplicate, observed/expected results, etc), and any crash details. Be sure to click the "Details" button when the crash happens; if using Dr. Watson, email the crash log (usually the latest WLG file in C:\Windows\DrWatson\). Only include the stack registers if the crash happened in aworld.exe; otherwise just the module and address AWORLD crashed in.

If you're unsure of some of these, check Windows Control Panel's "Display" and "System" sections, and/or your hardware manuals.

A simpler (though not much) option is to use Dr. Watson, a system analyzation and logging tool specifically designed to assist developers in tracking bugs, crashes, faults, and other program anomalies. It's in the Windows directory as drwatson.exe. Run it prior to a known crash or keep it running all the time (it's small in file size and unobtrusively hangs out in the system tray) to record all of your system specs and crash details. Then just paste the log in the Details section above. However, because Dr. Watson doesn't record all the system specs, still fill out everything but the operating system (OS).

gigahertz (GHz--default), megahertz (MHz), Pentium rating (PR)

Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB)

megabytes (MB)

video driver version
(always be sure to use the latest, or try an earlier version or the driver that came with your card)

DirectX version

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