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10/17/11: Fixed screenshot/links since Mauz's old site is down (but now hosted by AWI). Hole: added meeting Lara and Mauz, and status.
3/13/6: Added: Mauz's Hole screenshots links, Internet Archive link. Fixed 7-11 large text. The AW mapper is down so just put the same AlphaWorld pic for it (even though the link doesn't work). Mizzy's AW site is also down, temporarily but Absence has been down for months.
12/8/4: Tweaked Saxon H2O Pipeline Network map. Added link to Syrinx's website (which has an updated map).
11/14/4: Added Saxon H2O Pipeline (and edited monitoring station) Network (thanks Syrinx!) map to Mars.
7/24/4: Edited Absence.
7/19/4: Added more image links for Saxon and Cubed.
7/18/4: Added Absence.
7/15/4: Added image links to Cubed and Utah (renamed to Arizona/Utah).
7/8/4: Updated Hole 2002 pic (AW 3.6 has a better FOV angle). Added menu and objects link.
7/1/4: Added some old, and renamed, news/updates. Changed Saxon/Hole title.
6/27/4: Tweaked layout.
6/26/4: Added construction Hole image and fixed Hole object yard teleport link.
2/8/4: Added Hole webpage link.
9/21/2 Redesigned layout a bit.
7/26/2: Edited Hole and Cubed.
11/25/2K: Edited Hole.
5/12/2K: ?

teleport (1185.5s 1229.3e 210)

AlphaWorld - DNA Strand/Double-Helix My first building area in Active Worlds, this place was my experiment area for a good 6 months beginning in June 1997. At it are many things built with "glass" (transparent objects): a pyramid, various exhibits, including a ribbon (where the semi-infamous "activate animate" crash bug was found), a pedestrian walkway model, various sculptures (appropriately named "Boredom"), a DNA strand/double-helix (shown above), and a mech.

Aerial View Arcing/curving roads that rise and circle into the air, winding all the way around (I call it Infinity Way), street signs, working stoplights, walk/don't walk signs, and various experiments are also there. And if you follow Pyramid Freeway, you'll eventually come to a huge pyramid which when I found was only half completed so I finished it (I managed to navigate around the building inspector encroachment errors) and even put the freeway right through it.

_/¯/\X()/\/™ / teleport (   ) Hole

Saxon (1997) - AW 2.2 Begun in September 1997, Saxon (now Hole) is the first world I was caretaker in (and where I met Lara and Mauz) and where I really learned how to make RenderWare objects. Since then I've made hundreds of objects (teleport object yard, screenshots below) relating to an urban theme, including flickering streetlights, moving spotlights, chainlink fences, asphalt roads, cement sidewalks, orange street cones, lots of shadows, a parking garage with parking Hole (2000) - AW3 spaces and curbstops, and even a moving cloud sky. I've also recreated objects from games like Trespasser and Max Payne, and converted objects from Midtown Madness 2 and Trespasser. Saxon/Hole has (and has had) a lot of realism.

Tabris: "This world is very... Well laid out. It's unnervingly deliberate."

Hole (2002-4) - AW 3.4-6 Note: This (2002+) version of Hole (with my objects) is currently unavailable due to my object password being stolen and AW's lack of good object password security. "Old" Hole is only available when I am in AW and by request/permission only.

With Mauz's passing in March 2011, Hole's status is uncertain and will most likely expire at the end of the year (along with my citizenship since it's linked to Hole), if it hasn't already. I haven't been in AW much over recent years and I don't intend on coming back now. It was fun while it lasted but AW still has a ways to go to (mostly) catch up with Second Life (which itself is lagging behind most 3D games).

screenshots Screenshots: 7-11 | some objects | Stargate | construction | street | aerial view (old)
Mauz's Hole screenshots: 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2000

Saxon: Lara's "Saxon Station" | night time | Mauz's Saxon screenshots (more)

20 Pipeline
teleport Monitoring Station (Top View)

Mars - _/¯/\X()/\/™ Water Pipeline Monitoring Station The Saxon "water" pipeline runs almost all around the building limit radius (250m, or 25 coordinates, around Mars' ground zero) Mars - _/¯/\X()/\/™ Water Pipeline Network Map and branches out in various places. If you want to hook up to it, let me know. My goal is to hook up as many people to it as I can, forming an interconnected network of pipe. Now if that ain't community spirit, I don't know what is...
updated map
teleport Tram Station

Mars - Tram Station

This is where I went nuts with shadows for the first time in Active Worlds. There are also some interesting structures in this area.

Nothing Inparticular
(Deleted by World Owner)

Borg - Nothing Inparticular

I mainly just experimented with the interesting objects. The owner decided to delete all my stuff for some reason after I hadn't returned in a couple months, yet he didn't delete anyone else's stuff. Oh well.

teleport ³ Virtual Education Institute
(down, but some parts in Hole)
Awarded 2nd Place In
TheU's Virtual University Design Competition
(Cubed Album)

³ Website

³ - Ground Zero

Shamus Young's Favorite Worlds Internet Archive Wayback Machine (before he removed the page--and changed websites):

"While ³VEI is not designed to be an 'entertainment' world as such, it has some great scenery and a nice style that make it worth a visit. The world is spread out like a very modern, but classy 'campus'. The winding paths and gentle hills give the place a nice 'natural' feel while some clever tricks are employed to give the trees the detail of a masked texture without the oddball effects of using traditional facers.

³ - Ground Zero The shadowing effects are the best of all, with unique shadows for every object to create a very realistic effect. The world is an easy download and even easier on the framerate. A great example of stylish and clean work."

Mauz's Cubed screenshots: 1997, 1998, 1999 2001

Anais Nin: "this place is like being in a really confusing dream" screenshot

New Metatropolis
teleport 7-11

New Metatropolis - 7-11

What urban environment would be complete without a 7-11? I also laid most of the roads around the building radius (300m or 30 coordinates around ground zero), as well as connected up to AWI's roads. Check along my roads for other stuff I've built, including several high-rise towers, an apartment/business complex, and various "sculptures".


Arizona, then later named Utah, was Part of Jetta Lewis' America network of worlds Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I was Utah's caretaker. Not much happened here since I was really hoping to get a United States Geological Survey DEM-to-RWX converter in order to do an accurately modelled modular ground (buttes, hills, etc). AWI supposedly had one but didn't release it even though they said they would at one time. :/ Turns out it never even existed and was actually Terraformer. Eh...

Mauz's images: Arizona - 1997 Utah - 1998


Absence - circular curves Absence was Mizzy's dark, gritty, urban world that had a lot of cool objects. I built a warehouse and messed around with some circular curved "windows" near the object yard. Mizzy is in Second Life now as Pandora Jensen.

teleport Circular Curves

teleport Warehouse

Absence - warehouse exterior

Absence - warehouse interior

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