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I have attempted to create a database for my 3D Game Comparison over the years. I'm not a programmer--I can't stand it, so this is why the database has never been created, but I really would like to get it created, and it's not like I haven't tried... Anyway, perhaps these can be of some use to others who would care to assist me in creating a database for this website.


The site would act similar to MobyGames, allowing listing and submission of games, but, instead of a 1-game-per-page summary, would combine mutliple games for comparison in a table/matrix, configurable by game and game feature. As in the current comparison table, the feature title (genre, player character, level editor, etc) would have a link (or popup) with more info (currently most of them just link to Wikipedia). However, ideally, each feature attribute ("action-adventure" genre, weapon "targeting", etc) would be clickable and then lead to a page showing the other games that have these features--a very relational navigation system. Granted, a lot of these features are very common, but some are not--plus, that page would then be configurable to only show games by/within certain years, genres, etc--basically, a full-featured search engine/browser kind of like how MobyGames does it. It's easy enough to create a large table of data, but, like my current table, I want the comparison table/matrix to have colspan/rowspan attributes and be able to auto-adjust/recalculate itself as columns (games) and features (rows) are added/removed.

Why don't I just try to get MobyGames to integrate my info with theirs? I've tried, but they're not interested--and neither is DevMaster's 3D Engines Database. So, if I want this comparison database created, I guess I gotta do it myself--no matter how long it takes. Am I just an idiot who can't figure out this database crap? Probably...but I still want to create it...

See the outline to the right and the game entry form for more detailed feature breakup.

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(~September-October 2002)


Relational database normalization is the hardest part I'm having trouble with (despite my philosophy of absolute relativity). I don't know when to stop making tables so they don't duplicate data, and how to apply all of those relational tables anyway--it's very confusing! I don't like the idea of so many cross-reference tables either.


Note: these won't fully work and are just a "proof of concept".

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