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3D Game Comparison

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18 compared games (78 comparisons) + 51 honorable mentions = 69 games

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News/Updates Old News/Updates

2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002 - 2001 - 2000 - 1999


11/28: Updated GTASA.

11/19,20: Check out Just Cause--a cross between Far Cry and Grand Theft Auto III+. It's very open-ended and the world is HUGE (the developer claims the biggest in any game ever). However, it does lack some things that make the GTA series better, like being able to shoot from vehicles (that may or may not have mounted guns that may or may not be controllable while driving the vehicle--only 1 boat and 2 helicopters?) and a lack of abandoned vehicles (requiring the player to hijaak vehicles or call in a limited selection vehicle drop). Also, there's no true 1st-person view (only a closer 3rd-person view and an in-front-of-vehicle 1st-person view but not inside the vehicle). Just Cause will most likely be added to the honorable mentions soon.

4/9: Honorable Mentions - Added The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and 3-frame comparison; removed previous block lists (except Mafia-GTA3-Max Payne comparison). This should make it easier to compare multiple games. Game logo links still need to be fixed.

3/20: Updated GUN.

3/17: Added GUN but it's not in the honorable mentions (or table--as if!) yet. I'm thinking of separating all the honorable mentions and allowing them to be compared side-by-side (up to 3 or 4--depending on screen width). It's still not a proper database but it's better than nothing and will make it easier to compare a few games at a time anyway.

3/11: Added "Virtual World Comparison" link.

3/9: Updated Second Life.

3/8: Added more Internet Archive links and game links to table's game logos.

3/7: Added Internet Archive links to various links.

3/2: Links - The 3D Application Compatibility List is down (if anyone has it cached, please let me know since Internet Archive doesn't have it); added 3D API Compatibility list.

2/26: Added Civilization comparison to links.

2/24: Added Metroid comparison to links. Fixed section header table HTML so it looks right in Firefox.

2/22: Updated Second Life (which still isn't in honorable mentions or the table but I would like to put it in its own table--or multi-framed page at least--with Active Worlds since they are the most relevant comparison). Fixed mySQL logo yet again...though it's pretty pointless since I barely even update the site, let alone am working on a database for it. Ah well.


11/8: Updated comparison table note.

7/8: Updated GTASA (various) & GTA3 (73 missions).

6/23,25,26,30;7/3,8: Updated GTASA.

6/20: Added Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTASA) to honorable mentions.


12/14: Updated Half-Life².

12/13: Fixed Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 HTML filename (was thps3.html).

11/29;12/3,5,12: Updated Half-Life².

11/28: Added Half-Life² to honorable mentions.

9/26-28,30;10/8,10,13,17,18,20: Updated The Sims 2.

9/22: Added (and updated) The Sims 2 to honorable mentions. Fixed Knight Rider logo.

9/21: Added preliminary The Sims 2 entry.

8/2,4,5,9,21: Updated Devastation.

7/31: Added Devastation to honorable mentions.

7/6-9,11: Updated Dead Man's Hand.

7/5: Updated Dead Man's Hand. Table section headers - added icons and made them highlight when mouseovered.

7/4: Why does American Farmer suck? No 1st-person view (forget about controlling the vehicles like in C-D), the ground isn't affected by tilling, the camera isn't rotatable/pivotable (like in the screenshots), and I can't even get any crops to grow! Added publisher and developer to Rune; Dead Man's Hand (in progress); Internet Archive links to main page, honorable mentions, and table. Changed motto. Trying out a new menu in the table.

7/2: Updated C-D. John Deere American Farmer sucks.

6/29: Fixed some dead links.

6/25: Updated C-D and meta keywords (seems I forgot about those too when adding a few honorable mentions). Updated Train Simulator. Oops...seems one of the comparison links mentioned Duke Nukem *Forever* which, of course, hasn't been released yet (if ever, the vaporware that it is)!

6/24: Check out Construction-Destruction (released) and John Deere American Farmer (in development), both by same developer, Gabriel Entertainment) for some cool sims. Removed -"able" from some table entries; too wordy. Added Construction-Destruction (C-D) to Honorable Mentions. Fixed Dungeon Siege logo image link and game totals--guess I forgot to update it when I added the last 5 honorable mentions--doh!

6/18: Updated old updates with additional dates of some games towards the end of 1999. Not sure why I didn't record updates around that time (and early 2000) but Google Groups helped narrow the dates down (though they are most likely not exactly correct).

6/17: Comparison Table - Added: Internet Archive (IA) links to some dead links and IA note; tweaked layout a bit (note, table border color). News/Updates - moved 2002 to (and adjusted columns of) old news/updates.

6/16: Comparison Table - Added: link menu icons and "NPC" note; fixed anchor links so they line up better in Internet Explorer, and edited Thief vs. Thief Gold.

4/6: Fixed MySQL's logo...why, I don't know, since I haven't worked on the database in over a year... Oh and go play Far Cry if you haven't. Its engine rocks! Sure would make for a great Trespasser! Hopefully I'll at least add it to Honorable Mentions some day...


5/31,29: Updated Vice City.

5/26: Added Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to Honorable Mentions.

4/14: Added Deadly Dozen 2: Pacific Theater to Honorable Mentions.

4/12: Added Postal² to Honorable Mentions.

4/10: NetImmerse is now called Gamebyro (which is a bit too close to "Gameboy" for my tastes; I hope NDL isn't turning its attention more towards icky consoles...). Fixed its links accordingly. I also fixed the PHP logo's image link...again. Stop changing its path and size, php.net!

2/16: Added "Unreal Engine Versions" link.

2/16: Added Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis to Honorable Mentions. Fixed PHP logo image link.

1/19: Added Severance: Blade of Darkness logo.

1/6: Updated Vampire and added its logo.


12/21: Fixed some of Thief 1-2's columns.

12/15: Added Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair to Honorable Mentions. The database has been suspended until I have more time to learn how to do it. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it...

11/30: Updated NOLF2 textures.

11/22-23: Updated Arx Fatalis.

11/19: Added Arx Fatalis to, and reorganized a bit more, Honorable Mentions.

11/18: Updated Knight Rider.

11/17: Added Knight Rider: The Game to, and reorganized a bit, Honorable Mentions.

11/11: Added Dungeon Keeper 2 to Honorable Mentions.

11/5,10: Updated NOLF2.

10/30: Added poisoning to Hitman 2.

10/19: Updated Hitman 2. Added SWAT3 logo.

10/18: Added Mafia-Grand Theft Auto 3-Max Payne comparison to Honorable Mentions.

10/16: Added Hitman 2 to Honorable Mentions.

10/14: Edited intro. Added "game comparisons" forums link (created the forum a couple weeks or so ago)--if you can help me with the database design, please reply to the forum message. Thanks!

10/9: Fixed some Trespasser links.

10/6: Added unknown image for "?" (unknown) comparison table fields; also altered its colors. Tweaked fonts.

10/1: Updated Infernal Machine NPCs and AI.

9/28: The database is coming along...slowly. Added Doom comparison link.

9/27: Added yes and no images for "yes"/"no" comparison table fields.

9/22: Oops--fixed the first game row so it lines up correctly; sorry.

9/21: Added a link hover stylesheet class and Javascript table row highlighting to the comparison table's rows as the mouse is moved over them; hopefully it helps...unfortunately it added 9K to the table.html file size. If someone knows how to use Javascript in a stylesheet for a table row (<tr>), please let me know.

9/20: Updated NOLF2. Took out NPCs (non-player characters) and inventory from "Other" category and made them separate categories, which will make the database design easier (relational). Edited intro.

9/18: Updated NOLF2.

9/17: Added No One Lives Forever 2 (demo) and NOLF 1-2 logos to Honorable Mentions.

9/16: Trying out a new layout design...

9/15: Fixed some Game Engine/Technology links. The database is coming along...slowly. At least the form has most of its fields (don't worry; they'll most likely be split up into different pages)--don't bother submitting a game just yet since most of the form fields need to be added to the database. Moved older updates to a separate page.

9/13: Added updated "3D Engines List" link. Updated Mafia.

9/12: Well, since no one has ever contacted me about a database I have decided to attempt it on my own. Unfortunately, since I know nothing (well, a little now) about PHP and MySQL it will take some time. The form alone is turning out to be a major pain in the ass considering the sheer number of fields it requires to be as in-depth as possible, but I really think it would open up the possibilities of this comparison if it was easier for people to contribute to and search/sort (like MobyGames is).

9/7,6,2: Updated Mafia.

8/31: Adding Mafia to Honorable Mentions and some Internet Archive links for dead links.

8/20: Added 3D engine and changed "fire" player model move to "attack" (since it's more general and includes hitting, blade slashing/slicing, shooting, etc) to Hitman.

7/14: Updated SOF2 and added its logo.

7/13: Added Soldier of Fortune 2 to Honorable Mentions.

7/10: Added Gothic logo.

7/9: Added: character description and LOD to GTA3, some more silly little navigation icons, and some honorable mention game logos. Fixed comparison table navigation links.

6/9: Updated GTA3.

6/2: Redesigned navigation slightly. Updated GTA3.

5/28: Updated GTA3. Moved comparison table to separate page; this page was just getting too big/long.

5/27: Added Dungeon Siege and Grand Theft Auto III to Honorable Mentions.

5/19-20: Updated Morrowind.

5/14: Updated Morrowind; edited other Honorable Mentions.

5/13: Adding Morrowind to Honorable Mentions. Added more engines/games to intro.

5/8: Added Prince of Persia's engine (NetImmerse) and to links (because it's used in a few other games, most recently including Morrowind, which I'll probably be adding to the Honorable Mentions soon).

3/19: Edited Trespasser's location.

3/17: Edited Aliens vs Predator 2 and adding Return to Castle Wolfenstein to Honorable Mentions.

3/5: Updated Severence. Added Aliens vs Predator 2 to Honorable Mentions.

2/27: Edited and added links.

2/15: Fixed and updated New World Order link.

1/20: Updated Project: IGI.

1/9: Alphabetized honorable mentions list and updated its correct number to 19 (forgot Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption).

1/8: Adding Black & White to Honorable Mentions.


12/17: Updated Gothic.

12/12: Adding Gothic to Honorable Mentions.

11/13: Thief 3 and Deus Ex 2 will be using the Havok physics engine. Finally, Trespasser-level (but better!) gaming physics is here! It's only taken the gaming industry 3 years (since Trespasser was released in 1998) to catch up... Empire Earth is basically a 3D Age of Empires but much cooler!

8/15,6,4-2, 7/31: Updated Max Payne.

7/29: Adding Max Payne to Honorable Mentions.

7/28: Finished adding center row titles. Updated Trespasser's environmental interaction.

7/25: Added Microsoft Train Simulator to Honorable Mentions.

7/21: Added Carmageddon TDR 2000 to Honorable Mentions.

7/17: Added game title anchor links to Honorable Mentions. Edited NOLF's physics and breakable objects.

7/1: Sorry for the lack of updates in a while but I haven't been playing games as much as I would like to lately. Adding center row titles. Removed "Return Links" because the only link there is dead. Added "canteen" to Trespasser's pickupable objects.

3/1: Edited Drakan's engine link since drakan-game.com is down. Moved Rune's 3D engine link to honorable mentions listing.

2/13: Added Venom's engine to links.

1/29: Added Magic Carpet to Honorable Mentions.

1/28: Added Hard Truck 2 to Honorable Mentions.


12/16: Added Project: I'm Going In (PIGI) to Honorable Mentions.

12/11: Updated TR5. Moved Honorable Mentions to a separate page to reduce this page's load time. I may move the table to a separate page soon too.

12/6: Updated Hitman.

11/24: Updated TR5. Added publisher row.

11/21: Updating TR5.

11/15: Added New World Order to links.

11/14: Updated NOLF. Added Red Faction to links.

11/13: Adding No One Lives Forever (NOLF) to Honorable Mentions.

11/5: Updated Rune.

11/4: Added 4x4 Evolution to, and updated Blade in, Honorable Mentions.

11/2: Edited TR5 collision detection and transparency.

10/30: Adding Rune. Blade: Edge of Darkness, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 to Honorable Mentions.

10/24: Added Carnivores to Honorable Mentions. I should have Rune by tomorrow or so, at which time I'll probably add it to the comparison--at least as an honorable mention (which are much easier to update than the table, but more difficult to make comparisons).

10/22: Added Dawn to links. Now this is realistic!:

    47) Q: Can you dig holes in the ground and burrow?
    A: We have implemented simple terrain manipulation that will allow you to dig channels in the ground for moats and such. Probably the biggest use will be for redirecting water flow. Our water physics are exceptional to say the least, our oceans have real waves and dropping a pebble in the water will cause rippling and possibly a splash.

10/21: Edited Thief (+2): other atmospheric/environemtal effects, physics, transparency, player moves, environmental interaction: pickupable objects and other, inventory

10/18: Edited Need for Speed 5.

10/15: Edited SWAT 3. I may have to just add it to the table at this rate...

10/14: Added Gamasutra postmortems to and edited links.

10/13: Edited various Honorable Mentions.

10/8: Edited SWAT 3.

10/7: Deus Ex SDK released, which includes the level editor. Deus Ex level editor edited. SWAT 3 added to Honorable Mentions.

10/5: Added Carnivores engine link.

10/3: Updated Elite Force.

10/1: If you're wondering where these past 7 updates came from, I had to do a bit of restructuring (some row coloring isn't correct still) and haven't had a lot of time lately, so don't think you missed anything or was stuck in a time warp. Section titles more evenly spaced out. Half-Life puzzles edited. It seems multiple columns screws up links and text selection so I don't know how long they will stay before they get too annoying... Added Need for Speed 5 to Honorable Mentions.

9/29: Changed Deus Ex engine origin from Unreal to Unreal Tournament. Edited Deus Ex locations. Added Honorable Mentions section for cool stuff in games I haven't had time to play fully, add to the comparison, or haven't come out yet (demo).

9/24: Split up "texture". Edited intro.

9/23: Removed developers from "3D Engine Origin" row and added new "developer" row. Split up "weather".

9/18: Added "water" column (which has been split up into several subcolumns) to "atmospheric effects" (which has been renamed to "atmospheric/environmental effects"). Columned intro and news/updates (Netscape Navigator users only).

9/17: Doh! For those of you minding this page with Mindit (see button in upper right corner), it seems I've been using the original page URL (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/compare.html) instead of the current URL (http://tnlc.com/eep/compare.html) so you probably haven't been getting any updates since registering this page. Just click the Mindit button again (or this) and it should register the correct URL, then delete the old registered page from Mindit. Sorry about that.

9/16: Adding Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force. Changed 3D engine "outdoor" type to "terrain". Edited intro.

9/13: Updated Tomb Raider: Chronicles.

9/10: Added Unreal 2 engine info link.

9/7: Edited Deus Ex "other environment interaction".

9/4: I have entirely way too many games I want to add to this comparison and simply not enough time to do it! Anyway, added LithTech 3D engine link, which is used in the upcoming No One Lives Forever game which I should be adding to this comparison soon... I also want to add Need for Speed 5: Porshe Unleashed (2000) since it's just so darn realistic, since this comparison really focuses on realism anyway.

Anyone want to help out with comparison stats for other games listed above? I'm still trying to find a CGI/Perl script that will allow people to enter game info and have it come out all tabulated and stuff. I have a game submission form using a simple formmail script, but it's crude (not to mention unfinished) compared to a script that would do what I'd like. So, hey, if you can help out with creating such a script, I'd really appreciate it--it would only make this list expand and be even more interesting! I know people are interested in this comparison, too, because the page averages around 20 hits a day.

9/2: Updated Trespasser physics and pickupable objects.

8/29: Added "Other Comparisons" and "Return Links" to links.

8/26: Edited view pan and AI: Half-Life and FAKK. Updated FAKK's animals/enemies.

8/23: Updated FAKK: "inventory" and 3D: "transparency", "other" and "weather" "atmospheric effects", "other"; "traps/hazards", and "rideable objects".

8/20: Changed Tomb Raider: Chronicles logo.

8/19: Updated Outcast AI and TR5. Fixed and edited shadows: Half-Life, Drakan, FAKK. Rune added to links.

8/17: Updated FAKK. Edited intro.

8/16: Updated FAKK. Tweaked HTML so it displays more correctly in IE. Edited table note and Deus Ex "player character".

8/14: Adding Heavy Metal: FAKK² (FAKK). Edited news/updates with older entries from my other news/update web pages.

8/13: Added outdoor/portal engine type. This may be vague and/or incorrect, so let me know. Edited 10six "transparency", "avatar actions/moves" (+ Half-Life), and physics.

8/12: Added Tomb Raider V: Chronicles and colored (greyed) comparison entry rows, which hopefully makes reading the table easier...in low light anyway. Colored game columns may be coming soon... Updated Deus Ex.

8/5: Updated Deus Ex.

8/4: Updated Thief.

7/26, 23: Updated Deus Ex.

7/17: Updated Half-Life and Deus Ex.

7/16: Updated Deus Ex.

7/14: Updated Deus Ex. Adding right row titles. Edited intro.

7/8: Added News/Updates section (about time!). Fixed "Lights". Adding Deus Ex. Renamed "3D Engine" to just "Engine" for obvious reasons.

7/4: Edited shadows and Half-Life. Added detail/procedural textures.




~10/4: Added 10six.

~9/14: Added Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Prince of Persia 3D.

~9/13: Added Drakan.

~9/6: Added Outcast and Trespasser.

~9/3: Adding Thief: The Dark Project.

8/30: Added Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.

5/28: Changed Tomb Raider Comparison to "3D Game Comparison" and moved out of TR directory since it now includes Active Worlds and Half-Life.

5/13: I finally played Half-Life and will probably be adding it to the comparison. Tomb Raider could learn a lot from Half-Life (and Half-Life could learn from Tomb Raider, specifically the 3rd-person view and collision detection).

1/4: Created counter.

1/2: First recorded mention of this page in my old Tomb Raider Level Editor updates.

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