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10/26: Looks like someone beat me to it: needhelp's "FPS mod" (direct download) is good enough, although he didn't remove the run lean angle so the camera is a bit too far in front.

To be honest, I was getting sick of trying to tweak the camera position values to compensate for all of the screwy animations that would show the insides of Max/Mona's head (eyes, mouth, etc). Again, why Remedy didn't just make 1st-person an option in the first place is beyond me. Plus, I don't think I'll be getting into Max Payne 2 nearly as much as the original (not that I got into it that much anyway except for these mods) since it's not really that much different and I'm already bored with it (didn't even bother replaying through it again in 1st-person view).

I may still release a multi-mod if my interest in MP2 renews, but don't hold your breath.

10/20: Well, with the released of Max Payne 2 (MP2), this page's hits have doubled in the past few days, so I'm guessing you're all looking for an MP2 1st-person mod. Unfortunately, until an updated RAS extractor is released, I won't be able to make it. I will also be releasing it as a separate, standalone mod, unlike the "Eep Multi" mod which includes other things, too. Stay tuned...


10/15: Almost a year later but no mod updates--just a site redesign.


11/16: Added 3D Realms news link.

9/4: Added PC Games link.

9/2: Created page. Updated Multi mod. Added GIGA link.


Max Payne 2

1st-Person View: Postponed until further notice.

Max Payne

download Level Select (8K): My first mod, this mod is based off Dr. Mangel's level selector mod but has the chapter titles, no bloatware TGA menu image (purely for the original author's ego), which reduces the mod's file size by over 900K(!), and has the missing part 3 chapter 3 level. The redundant tooltips and "Load" text (duh) were also removed, and levels.txt's formatting was streamlined a bit.

download Eep Multi (29K): See features.

This mod got some attention from:

People seem to like it. :)


See how Max Payne compares to other games in my 3D game comparison.

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