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Introduction Introduction

Maxis' The Sims was one of, if not the, most popular computer game of 2000-2002, still went strong in 2003 with the release of The Sims Online (though I heard it didn't sell as well as expected--I've never tried it) and The Sims for Playstation 2--in full 3D, and in 2004 came The Sims 2. With its modular design approach, user customization, and continued expansion packs, The Sims should remain popular for many years to come.

Learning from the success of their "Sim" series, Maxis continues and expands the game customization ability with The Sims almost on the same level as many FPS (first-person shooter) level editors, but in a different way. This site was created to cover these abilities and act as a specialized source for The Sims editing, customization, and modification. Browse the site and hopefully it will all become clear as to just what you can do with this game now and soon...

This site will be undergoing design/layout changes as more info and software becomes available and I figure out how to sort and present it in an efficient manner. Email me if you have any comments, suggestions, problems with nagivation, etc. This site was originally designed with Netscape Navigator 4.x in mind but has since been updated for Microsoft Internet Explorer and should work fine in other Web browsers.

Links Links

  • The Sims on Wikipedia: user-created/-edited encyclopedia entry
  • 3D Game Comparison - The Sims 2: how The Sims 2 compares to other 3D games


  • alt.games.the-sims
  • alt.binaries.games.thesims
  • comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic
  • alt.family-names.sims: original, now obsolete
  • News/Updates News/Updates


    7/12: Yes, an actual update, though just website maintenance: made a "Links" section (and bulleted), italicized game names (in intro anyway), and added Wikipedia links to some things.


    9/27: The Sims 2 - added "noaging" to, and edited, cheats.

    9/26: Well, seems I'm banned from ModtheSims2 by Delphy, its immature, low-self-esteem owner, who doesn't seem to appreciate my criticism of Game Extractor and DatGen. Whatever...excuse me for not liking to have to install bloatware, slow-GUI software (Java and .NET) just to run some badly-coded apps. So, I recommend using Bil Simser's (blueprint creator) SimsTools forum instead.

    The Sims 2 - added "faceBlendLimits" and "intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims" cheats.

    9/23: The Sims 2 - added to 3D game comparison's honorable mentions, some more file formats (and moved them into own section out of Game Extractor since there are formats GE doesn't recognize...yet), .package contents, registry, Xantippe; edited DatGen and camera tips/tweaks; sims2.exe cheats credit. Tweaked newsgroup/link section in intro. Tweaked table border colors and bullet formatting.

    9/22: The Sims 2 - changed logo (still need a better transparent-background one though) and added more cheats. Tweaked page colors. I don't plan on adding these to the site, but there are 2 Sims 2 trainers out.

    9/21: The Sims 2 - added my 1st-person & live camera tweaks to tips; mini CD1 image to patches. Added preliminary The Sims 2 entry to 3D game comparison and The Sims Wikipedia link to intro. Tweaked menus.

    9/19: The Sims 2 - reformatted mods section and added "show lot package information" (from uecasm; also put Game Extractor file formats in 2 columns; added "change camera settings" tip.

    Oh and I guess with the release of The Sims 2, my website has received at least twice as many daily hits as it's been averaging just in the past week--and the hits are STILL going up!

    9/18: The Sims 2 - added camera to new Tips section. Minor format tweaking.

    9/17: The Sims 2 is finally here! So far not much can be edited with it--only body textures (skin, hair, clothes, etc) but hopefully the object/mesh/sound formats will be extractable soon enough and then we can really do something with this game. I'm not sure how I'll divide up the site for Sims 2, but I'll probably just create a whole new section for it with separate software/textures/other links for it--but I don't know; I'll deal with it as the info comes... I'm also planning on adding The Sims 2 to my 3D Game Comparison.

    Added The Sims 2 sections: Software (BodyShop, Game Extractor, DatGen) and Other (which includes Patches and Mods sections, plus "disable object grid snap" and "change day/night light cycle transition duration" mods).

    Changed intro a bit.

    6/29: Fixed some more dead links. Blueprint is still alive and well.

    6/28: Wow...an update. Fixed some dead links (usually having to revert to Internet Archive Wayback Machine, unfortunately. Seems blueprint is dead and gone. Changed news/updates layout.

    I'm waiting for The Sims 2--'bout time The Sims went 3D!


    3/22: No update but I'm looking for the following objects (email me--see top of page for email icon--if you have them or know where to get them; thanks):


    • ceiling SUNOT shop light (wire mesh covered bare bulb)
    • ceiling bare lightbulb with hanging string
    • ceiling/wall (horizontal, vertical) longer (2-tile) flourescant bulb (1 or 2) fixtures/lights
    • ceiling/wall (1-tile horizontal or vertical rectangular boxes) box lights


    • windows with vertical sliding opening (like single-hung window but not horiziontal)


    • ceiling smoke detector
    • full-length mirror sliding (for closets mostly but could be used as any) door
    • "under construction" walls: exposed studs (bare frame), electrical wiring/boxes, insulation, etc
    • power breaker electrical box
    • bare chainlink fence without wood slats (and longer sections before poles are shown--perhaps just 2 types: with and without pole)
    • gutters (horizontal and vertical)
    • half-height (shorter than Pinegulcher and Kinderstuff) dressers
    • a site to get the Deluxe Edition objects without having to buy DE just for them ;)

    Here's a good site Internet Archive Wayback Machine to see all objects and which expansion pack introduced them.

    3/6,5: Updated Expansion Pack Installation Registry Changes.

    3/4: Updated "skip_verify" command-line switch.

    1/25: Added "Reinstallation" to, renamed, and split up "Expansion Packs". Reorganized "Other".

    1/18: Edited intro a bit to reflect another year gone by and continued The Sims success. Changed "Expansion Installation Registry Changes" to "Expansion Pack Installation Registry Changes". Tweaked index page layout so it's more consistent with the other page.

    1/17: Finally got around to dorking with Vacation so Expansion Installation Registry Changes have been updated. Now if I can only figure out why no sims ever move and time seems frozen (despite being unpaused) so I can actually play it!


    10/28: Added "skip_intro" command-line switch description (thanks to James Cutright).

    7/27: Added ripper link to software.

    6/27: Don't get too excited; I haven't been getting into The Sims again. This is just a maintenance update: fixed the no-CD crack link and added original Sims registry file to the Expansion Installation Registry Changes section. Updated introduction.


    12/5: Added BodyWarp B4.

    12/3: Added BodyWarp since its website is down. Edited Blueprint description.

  • Well, after nearly a year I've finally semi-sorta-kinda gotten back into The Sims with the release of Hot Date. While I don't think downtown offers much to the game, at least it's something more to do even if the store varieties are quite limited (clothing, candy/gifts, and fastfood/restaurants, essentially--why not have grocery items that sell food to stock refridgerators too?). Electronic Arts just wants to milk The Sims for all it's worth, unfortunately. Ah well...
  • Removed dead The Sims Resource Editing Forum link. Edited newsgroup links.
  • Split Neighborhoods into subsections and added "Importing".
  • Added Expansion Installation Registry Changes.
  • 1/15: I got an email about The Sims Webring being deleted so I joined another one which seems to be the most popular Sims webring.


    12/10: I finally got around to playing Livin' Large but am not all that impressed. At least people can make their own objects now, however. I doubt I'll be getting back into The Sims but I just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive. This page still averages 100+ hits a day. The Sims' webring page is down and I don't know who's running the ring anymore so I just put The Sims' logo there instead.

    Added Transmogrifier.

    10/1: Blueprint seems to be back in development, although very much diminished (just a converter). Oh well...I doubt if even when it's released I'll be motivated to play The Sims more, as the high-end 3D modellers like 3D Studio Max, trueSpace, LightWave, etc, are too clunky and user-unfriendly for me, not to mention overpriced for the average gamer who might want to play around with creating Sims objects...

    9/3: Well, I still haven't been playing The Sims lately, Livin' Large isn't motivating me much to want to try The Sims again anyway, and now it seems Blueprint is dead (from Bil Simser):

      "It is with absolute regret that I have to announce the death of blueprint. This was not a choice, it was an unfortunate circumstance. The entire project is gone, wiped clean by an electronic tornado that ripped through my system yesterday. After 18+ hours of tweaking, hex editing and running every disk tool known to man (and a few unknown) I have to announce that the patient is dead."
    So much for object editing--where is Maxis' Edith?? Oh well...

    6/5: Blueprint RC1 screenshot

    5/14: Sorry for the lack of updates, but I just haven't been playing The Sims as much lately (been busy testing Active Worlds 3). Hopefully whenever Blueprint is released I'll become interested again. Anyway, just got an email from someone about BodyWarp.

    5/2: Skn->Obj & IFF Editor added. From Aladrin: "Scott McDonnell got me started on the track to convert SKN to OBJ... OBJ is a generic 3D file format. We can now convert any single-piece object (heads, hands, glasses, bottles, wrenches, etc) to an OBJ with the program I made! We'll be able to convert them back soon! (Which means we can edit them, of course). We hope to be able to do bodies soon. (They're a major pain!) Check out the latest compile of Skn->Obj on my site!"

  • Apparently I had the wrong email address for SimEdit.
  • Character Editor added.

  • 4/12
  • Uh...oh yea, regarding Blueprint's modules: FAR Editor released. Material Editor in testing. Object Editor coming afterwards.
  • New newsgroup link added to Intro above.
  • Someone from the newsgroup claimed: "Klapaucius [this is the name of the money cheat, for those who may not know] is the name of a character in The Cyberiad, a collection of short stories about two intergalactic constructors."
  • From Aladrin (edited): "Guess what!?!? I've (kinda) figured out the format for IFF/WLL/FLR Files!! Currently, my program can only extract the BMPs from them... But the plan is for it to extract all the data into pieces, let you modify the BMPs (and the other stuff if I ever figure what it all is), and put it all back together!

    It's in such a primitive state right now that I haven't even bothered compiling it. Once it can write all the pieces and put them back together, I'll post it on my site. I was hoping to be able to skin couches and stuff with it, but alas, it doesn't seem the skins work the same way. I think they use palettes and sprites, somehow (which would mean they aren't truly 3D, so I dunno).

  • 4/6
  • Bil Simser emailed me about FAR Edit.
  • More info about FAR Edit (since I'm testing it now):
    • Create FAR archives
    • View FAR archives including bitmap previews (Sim Model and object previews coming shortly)
    • Extract single files or entire filesets from archives
    • Import files or entire directory structures into archives
    • Recent file list of last 4 FAR files opened for quick access (Alt+1..4)
  • From Bil: "The BCF format is actually the real format, the ASCII one is just a hack for Sim Show."
  • 4/5
  • In Software:
    • FAR Extractor updated.
    • SimEdit link fixed.
    • FarView edited--it stopped crashing on me for some unknown reason.
    • BMF2SNK added.
  • Add glasses, hats, etc to heads!
  • 3/31: Patch section added, which lists which files the patch modifies/adds and some help if you're having trouble installing the patch. Note: there are no new walls and floors and my custom walls' thumbnails are still screwed up. :/

    3/29: Electronics Arts has some more info about the patch. I still haven't gotten the patch to work (now I need sims.exe since the patch doesn't like mine either) but someone emailed me and said the money cheat has changed to "rosebud", and I read on the BBS that the "set_hour" cheat has been removed. Cheats updated accordingly.

    The Sims 1.1 patch is available, but Maxis has done a poor job of telling us what exactly it changes. Until I get the files clcd32.dll and dplayerx.dll from the main The Sims directory, I can't get the darn patch to work. Can someone email them to me please? I'd really appreciate it.

    Anyway, from some Maxis guy on The Sims BBS, the patch "FIXED: unremovable snacks, lost night-shift job for 1 day absence, incorrect 'in use' state for objects, crashes from old or missing custom files (skins/walls/floors), MIA carpool, unreachable wall lights, delinquent repairman and miscellaneous crashes from several causes. IMPROVED: better recliner benefits, slower motive decay, redesigned album page layout, thumbnails for custom walls." Note: "motive decay" is the rate at which the various status bars (energy, fun, social, etc) decrease. Someone else mentioned when sims bump into each other they don't stand around for as long before moving again. Someone else mentioned 1x1 flower beds and bushes/ferns can be built "under" 4x4 trees. Still someone else mentioned there are new walls and floors. I'll have a full report once I finally get the darn patch installed...

  • FAR Extractor updated; it can now extract multiple files and has a resizeable window so filenames can be seen more easily.
  • Tabled up Software and Other a bit to make it easier to navigate.
  • 3/23
  • Sim Search .4
  • Original FAR Extractor download link back in service.
  • Blueprint website back up!
  • 3/22
  • More from Bil on 3/20 in a newsgroup: "I'm just finishing up a new version of blueprint that will allow full model editing (manipulating vertices and such) and creating new models (they still have to be put in as replacements for existing ones though as I can't change the names). It's ugly work (an average head has about 300-500 vertices and then there's the body) but for those that like that kind of torture, this will open up a whole new world of the Sims. There's also a couple of other people working on Sim model editors that should be out soon."
  • Found a site with Blueprint; it's not Bil's but it will allow people to get the previous version while waiting for Bil to tell us his new site.
  • FAR Extractor download link dead, so I put it on my site until I find out from Aladrin what's going on.
  • 3/21
  • Program request added to Software.
  • Fixed nude censor patch link in Software.
  • Edited FAR file formats in Software.
  • 3/20
  • Walls and Floors added to Textures.
  • I was reading ZDNet's ZDTV Big Thinkers' "Will Wright Playing God" Talkback and came across a post from Don Hopkins who worked on The Sims character animation and user interface:

      "There's also a lot of code written in a special visual programming language called "SymAntics", designed just for programming sims (it was also used in SimCopter).

      You can't count how many lines of that kind of SymAntics code there are, since it's two-dimensional, but there must be a few thousand acres of it, if you go by the scale of the neighborhood screen.

      It looks like boxes and arrows, and is configured by many controlpanels, and it's good for writing the "Spaghetti Code" necessary for describing quirky human behavior."

    So I emailed him about trying it, and it turns out:

      "There is a development version of The Sims called 'Edith' that has the SymAntics editor and a lot of other control panels for editing aspects of the game.
      It's not ready for release yet, but I'm working on cleaning it up and documenting it so other people outside of Maxis can use it. I'll put you on the list of interested programmers, and tell you about it when it's ready for testing!"

    Note that this is the same "Edith" Will Wright confirmed last week the release of in hopefully about a month or so. Stay tuned!

  • More from Don: "I'm going to be helping Bil Simser on Blueprint. Now that the project has shipped, I took a short vacation and I'm now working as an independent contractor for Maxis. We'll be releasing several different tools for creating different kinds of objects, first kind of hard to use, but later more user friendly. In the mean time, read The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K Dick, if you want to know where we're headed with The Sims!

  • 3/19
  • Read the emails between Will Wright (The Sims creator) and I regarding a multiplayer The Sims.
  • Command-line switches and cheats added to Other.
  • Blueprint status updated.
  • Newsgroups added to Intro.
  • 3/18: Multiple neighborhood how-to added to Other.

  • This just in from Bil:

    "Here's a brief rundown of the blueprint website folly:

    1. I put up my own blueprint site back in July of last year. It stayed until sometime in January 2000.
    2. blueprint moved to Sim Heaven. Due to a long downtime of the site and some problems with submitting news and files, I decided to move it.
    3. blueprint moves to MOTS. About a month after the move, MOTS experiences a whack of server problems and is forced to move, twice with another move coming shortly. This was unacceptable to me as the stability of having a place to come for blueprint news (especially now) is essential.
    4. A new site has been chosen and will be announced and open for traffic shortly.

    Now onto blueprint. Beta 3 is in the works and will be coming shortly. This will include CMX importing and basic manipulation including 3D painting (more info on the new site about all this). Beta 3 also includes importing for various 3D model formats (3DS, LWO [LightWave], etc.) so you'll be able to start grabbing stuff from places like 3dcafe.com and working with that. As well, a whack of new features, new primitives, a 2D editor, a much more stable release, Windows 2000 support and other goodies.

    At this point I still have not received the additional info from Maxis with regards to file formats so I'm still dead in the water (hence the time spending working on these other new features)."

  • Moved Software, Textures, and Other sections onto another page, as these news/updates are getting lengthy...
  • Introduction added
  • Sim Search added to Software.
  • Body type #s added to Textures.
  • Forgot to add this yesterday, from Aladrin Kelahn: "I haven't had any time to work on programming the BMF2SKN but I've pretty much figured out how the file is set up. Once I've had time to work it all out, I'll either re-write the FAR extractor or write a second program."

  • 3/16
  • Seems Will Wright really did email me the other day. After comparing email and newsgroup post headers, and emailing various Maxis addresses to attempt to get to the real Will Wrig. Apparently he has 3 email addresses. OK, anyway, so Edith (The Sims' object programming language) is going to be released in about a month or so (hopefully), and in Wright's most recent email to me, he said they're (Maxis) also working on a multiplayer online The Sims version.
  • Bil Simser tells me that The Mall of the Sims (the name "The Sims Mall" would be more efficient) is the official Blueprint site, even though I found Sim Heaven to have more updated info. At any rate, both sites are still down and I've offered to be the official Blueprint site but no response from Bil yet...
  • Added skin size examples and moved body skin template to Skins section.
  • 3/13
  • In an email from Bil Simser (Blueprint author), I asked: "Since the skn [body/head models] files are just ASCII text with all the vertices and polygon filling order, how about allowing Blueprint to import/load and edit them?" He replied: "That feature is available in the next version of blueprint, due out soon."
  • Seems some of the "major" Sims fan sites are not working or very slow to respond. This, unfortunately, includes the two Blueprint sites I know of, so I will make Blueprint available for download if these sites don't get their act together soon...
  • 3/13 Apparently, some twit named Krud (appropriate name, eh?) from the newsgroups admitted to falsly impersonating Will Wright. I have reported him to @home abuse so hopefully his account will be yanked soon enough. Why some people feel the need to act so lame is beyond me but it's a definite sign of a low self-esteem and a desire for attention. Sad, really...

  • Found some other texture/model extractors and SimEdit.
  • Redesigning page...
  • And in an email from Will Wright (he's The Sims' creator, if you don't know; I'm skeptical but it may be legit), regarding one of my newsgroup posts:

    Subject: Re: object editing & customization (was Re: Sims time)
    Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 01:22:39 -0800
    From: "Will Wright" <1wwright@home.com>
    To: "Eepē" <>

    [Eepē wrote:]
    > And note that Maxis is NOT working on releasing the object editor but rather simply the specs for modifying existing objects (basically just changing the way they look). At least this is what I gather from Blueprint's site anyway. Because Maxis chose to use 3D Studio for object modelling and Character Studio for object interaction, most people (perhaps 90+%) will not have these programs to create/edit Sims objects. However, Maxis DOES supposedly have some non-programmer-friendly scripting language ("Edith" or something) which they should release. And looking at .skn files, since they're in ASCII it shouldn't be too hard for a body editor/creator. I would hope Bill Simser is looking into this for inclusion into Blueprint...

    Actually we are working on a releasing our object programming system. I want to get it cleaned up a bit and documented first. Otherwise everyone will complain about how we released a buggy programming system with no documentation. Hopefully we'll have something ready in about a month.

    -Will Wright

  • Added Maxis' tools for completion (I plan on making this the Sims editing site).

  • 3/11: Added nude censor patch, body skin template, basketball textures, social worker skin, & FAR extractor.

    ~3/9: site opens

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