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Software Software

If you're a programmer, please consider creating one or all of the following programs:

Transmogrifier Export and create object bitmaps. The closest thing to an object editor yet.
download BodyWarp Beta 4 (222K)
website Internet Archive Wayback Machine
View/scale (among other things) head/body meshes/skins. Supposedly no longer in development.
download SimEdit .9 Beta (194K, Win9x) alternate download
Georges Giroux
"Lets you view the head meshes and textures for now, but I am vertex editing as we speak, so everyone will be able to modify the head meshes. I will later add support for body mesh editing as well." (source)

And from an email: "It should be available by the end of the week, since vertex editing is already in (but not face editing). The only thing left to do is saving to the .cmx and .skn files and then testing out new models with the game. I'm working on editing the body.skn files, but they are a bit more complex and I will have to get into touch with Maxis." Note: no word yet and it's been a couple months or so.

Bil Simser
object modeller/converter and other utilities, including Xantippe (XA-to-WAV converter)
download FaceLift Gold (8.9MB Win9x+) sculpt faces
download HomeCrafter (2.43MB, Win9x+) create custom wallpaper/floors
download SimShow (5.51MB, Win9x+)
download tutorial (566K)
skin-on-body previewer


FAR Extractor alternate download (12K/Win9x+)
Extracts these file formats from FARs (The Sims' database format):
  • bmf (binary/body model format?)
  • bmp (Windows bitmap image: user-interface graphic, texture/skin)
  • cmx (body joint structure?, as bcf: binary compressed file/format?)
  • cfp (body model animation)
  • fon (font)
  • iff (some other database format)
  • hit \
  • hot  > sound-related
  • hsm /
  • ndx (index)
  • skn (ASCII body model, as bmf--see above)
  • tga (Targa image: user-interface graphic)
  • xa (sound)
From the following FARs (note, not all FARs have all above files in each one):

C:\Program Files\The Sims\ (or wherever you have The Sims installed)
GameData\Objects\Objects.far (object models)
GameData\Textures\Textures.far (skins/textures)
UIGraphics\UIGraphics.far (in-game user interface graphics)
BMF2SKN (DOS) Converts bmf to skn
Skn->Obj OBJ is a generic 3D file format. Convert any single-piece object (heads, hands, glasses, bottles, wrenches, etc) to an OBJ.
IFF Editor Will extract and re-combine all the items in an IFF file. This will allow you to modify these items and recreate the IFF file; in development(?).
texture & model rippers Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Not as user-friendly as FAR Extractor but they work (only on animation.far and textures.far, though), and the model ripper gets the correctly-named ASCII SKNs, while the texture ripper just gives numerical-named BMPs. To prevent annoying crashes, drop the animation.far or textures.far onto the appropriate .exe.
FarView II (Win9x+)
Marginal Software
Textures.far viewer/extractor with texture preview and list.
download texture.far extractor (41K/DOS)
Tea Fume
Sim Search Internet Archive Wayback Machine
View/replace textures in textures.far. Note that it's unnecessary to replace skins in textures.far since you can simply put the skin in the GameData/Skins directory and The Sims will use that one for the default instead of the one inside textures.far.
Character Editor Internet Archive Wayback Machine Edit sims' abilities like cooking, charisma, mechanical, creativity, etc. without studying; and sims' attributes like activeness, playfulness, neatness, etc.


Skins | Objects | Floors | Walls

The Sims uses 8-bit (256-color) Windows bitmap (BMP) images for textures.

These textures were originally extracted from ...\GameData\Textures\textures.far with Multi Ripper (but any BMP ripper will suffice) before I found FAR extractors. The original pre-patch texture names were found and edited out with a hex/text editor. Use the above FAR extractors if you'd like (a) specific texture(s) extracted.


"Skins" are just textures applied to 3D body models. Skins are just textures which can contain flesh (skin), clothing, faces, hair, hats, etc. The Sims uses 256x256 pixel resolution BMPs for full-body skins, 128x128 for faces, hands, hats, and accessory objects like the policewoman's nightstick, gardener's watercan, fireman's fire extinguisher, maid's sponge, newspaper girl's bag, etc are 64x64.

Note: these are for the original Sims without any expansion packs.


  • burglar
  • firefighter
  • gardener
  • maid
  • newspaper girl ("newsie")
  • pizza guy
  • policewoman
  • postalwoman
  • repairman (handyman)
  • repoman
  • social worker


  • astronaut
  • superhero


  • bride
  • groom
  • skeletons
Skeleton Head 'Skin': 128x128 Skeleton Hand 'Skin': 64x64
Skeleton Body 'Skin': 256x256

Body Types

This info expands on SimShow's docs. B###_____.bmp, where ### is:

    001: short-sleeved shirt and shorts
    002: short-sleeved shirt and long pants
    003: long-sleeved shirt and long pants
    004: male formal coat and pants (tuxedo)
    005: female: short-sleeved shirt and skirt (maid's outfit); male: non-formal jacket-and-tie

body skin template


Object texture sizes vary, but are usually 64x64.


Floor textures are 64x64.

download Walls

Wall textures are 128x240.
  • bamboo
  • concrete
  • logcabin
  • plywood
  • wood panelling (various)


Neighborhoods | Command-Line Switches | Cheats | Patches | Expansion Packs




Command-Line Switches

Command-line switches are commands that go after an executable file, in this case, "thesims.exe".

-ngh:directoryuse "directory" (or whatever name you like) as neighborhood--see above
-nodx6supposed to be for disabling advanced DirectX features, but I didn't notice any difference
-r800x600 or -r1024x768changes resolution, but I haven't gotten these to work--with or without a colon before the resolution--but other people have
-skip_introskip intro movie
-skip_verify"Skips verification for OS, DirectX version, a compatible graphics card, game already running, not enough memory/hard disk space, and a Pentium processor or better; it will try to set 16-bit color in windowed mode if it is not set to 16-bit color. Use this if the game will not start at all. It provides a possible solution for some laptop and audio/video workstation problems. Make sure you run 800x600 mode and use 16 bit or higher color with this setting."
-wwindowed mode


Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the command window, then type (and hit "Enter" after):

autonomy [0-100]how much the sims think on their own
bubble_tweak [z offset]sets the z value used to offset the sims' thought bubbles (huh?)
draw_all_frames [on|off]Draw all animation frames, without skipping, to keep up.
draw_floorable [on|off]grid
draw_routes [on|off]Draw colored dots on selected person's path (turning off doesn't seem to work though).
edit_grass [increment]increment sets number value by which to change the grass
genable [default|status] | ([terrain|floors|walls|
static|old_clear|all] [on|off])
removes/displays various graphics
grow_grass [0-150]After modifying terrain, it will be brown; use "150" to make it green again fast.
historyWrites out current family's history; if file not specified, default is used.
interestsViews selected sim's personalities not listed in menu.
("rosebud" in patch and beyond)
Adds 1000 simoleons; use "!;" to fill up cheat window (with an ending "!") to get ~$126K.
log_mask [mask]Sets event logging mask (huh?).
map_edit [on|off]Select/deselect (ctrl+click) useable tiles; careful with this one as it will affect the neighborhood map look if you change terrain height of normally out-of-bounds tiles.
move_objectsMove any object (like out-of-bounds and/or in-use objects + sims).
prepare_lotChecks for required objects on the current lot and deletes come-and-see-me objects.
preview_anims [on|off]animation preview mode (what animations?)
rotation [0|1|2|3]Set absolute world rotation (easier to just hit the rotate keys/buttons though).
route_balloons [on|off]routing debug balloons (huh?)
set_hour [1-24] (removed in patch)screw with time
sim_speed [-1000 - +1000]screw with sim speed (duh)
sweep on|off|all|none|'subsys_name'
game "ticks" (huh?)
sim_log [begin|end]sim logging
tile_infovarious tile stats
water_toolLike wall/floor building (click to place, ctrl+click to delete, anyway) make a pond, stream, moat, or some puddles for your white trash trailer park home; this one doesn't seem to be turnoffable (no on|off switch) so I think you have to switch to build mode or something or you'll be putting puddles all over the place before it's too late.


Expansion Packs

Installation Registry Changes


Introduction Introduction | News/Updates News/Updates | The Sims: Software Software | Textures | Other | The Sims 2

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