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File Formats

..\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Lighting\*.package
lightingPNG lightmaps

..\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Sims3D\*.package
CASFacecres, geometry data containers, shapes
LightRigslights, geometry data containers, shapes, cres, level info
Objects02material definitions
Objects03geometry data containers
Objects04geometry nodes
Objects06textures, shapes
Objects07-08level info
Sims01cinematic scenes, lights
Sims02material definitions
Sims03geometry data containers
Sims04geometry nodes
Sims08-13level info
Textureslevel info, textures

..\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Sound\*.package

File Formats (inside .package & .sims2skin files)
(see mod the sims 2's internal file formats for way more info)

anim anim(ation) resource const(ant?) animations
bhav behavior function
bcon behavior constant
catp catalog position
cine cinematic scene video
cres character resource node? mdl3 (GE)
ctss catalog description
fwav sound reference
glob global data
gmdc geometry data container cont (GE)
gmnd geometric node geon (GE)
hash hash table?
lght light ambient, directional, point, spot
lifo level info levl (GE)
list file list
mdl1 3D model?
mdl2 3D model?
nmap name map
nref node reference
objd object data
objf object function
palt color pallet
prog programming script
prp1 property set XML
prp2 property set
ptbp package text/toolkit
shpe shape
slot slot resource
str# text strings actions, animations (adult, child), attributes, model (bones, materials, mesh groups, names), named trees, slot names, sound ID table true file lists
txtr texture image timg (GE, no preview)
ttab menu functions
ttas menu strings
txmt material definition texture material matd (GE)
XA music/sound Maxis eXtended Audio/SPX1(?) musi (GE)
unkn unknown format some anim, cine, lght, XML GE

GE = Game Extractor (see below)

Software Software

Body Shop
Create sims. Export body skins.
Game Extractor
Watto Studios
An icky Java app (slow, requires bloatware Java) that can view (as ASCII text) various Sims 2 files: .package (2 types) and .sims2skin, and original Sims files. It doesn't seem to actually be able to read The Sims 2's many file formats but it's a start.
Originally developed for SimCity 4, DatGen can read The Sims 2 files, but it's another icky app that requires a bloatware programming language overhead to be installed: Microsoft .NET framework.
Bil Simser
XA-to-WAV converter


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aging [on|off] enables/disables sim aging
kaching adds 1,000 simoleons
motherlode # adds 50,000 simoleons


allmenus [on/off] toggles showing unavailable interactions in person control menus
debugmode debug mode
-debugportals debug portals; may be command-line option
debugsocial [on/off] turns on/off debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions
displayanimbillboard <on|off> [object1] [object2] turns on or off a billboard consisting of the active animations on specified objects
displayanimlist display last 400 animations on (optional) named objects
dumphappy [object1] dump out happy logging on specified Sim
dumplotstate dumps lot object state to text file LotState.txt
dumpobjectinstances dump current list of object instances
dumpwants show want scoring for active sim
effectsmanager particle(?) effects manager
faceblendlimits -on/off Turns off facial bounding limitations for Create-A-Family created Sims and prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial structures, which can result in very unusual children.
freewill free will
guoboff disables GUOB(?)
intprop maxnumofvisitingsims # change how many sims can visit a lot at one time; default 8 max
interrupt ?
listprops [<wildcard pattern:string>] [-ints][-floats][-bools][-strings] list all or some subset of properties
money [+/-]# add/subtract money set money amount
sethour [0-23] sets day hour
setsimoutfitoverride -category: -outfit: -key:
simchecktreefulllogging start/stop sim logging to text file and console
stretchskeleton # 1 = normal height, <1 = smaller, >1 = taller makes (stretches) selected sim skeleton taller/shorter



Where the game is installed, in ..\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Config\globalProps.xml:

Where the game is installed, in ..\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Lights\Lighting.txt:



Introduction Introduction | News/Updates News/Updates | The Sims | The Sims 2: File Formats | Software Software | Other

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