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11/1/8: Added Sound Drone since old site doesn't seem to want to host it anymore (and I couldn't find it in a quick Google search).

3/11/8: Added more Thief 3 sounds.

3/9/8: Fixed Sound Drone link and title font newlines, added newsgroup and Wikipedia links, and italicized names.

6/11/4: Updated Thief 3's ambient music removal.

6/9/4: Updated Thief 3's ambient music table.

6/8/4: Renamed Thief 3's "more INI-tweaks" link. Added Thief 3 to "Removing Ambient Music".

6/3/4: Changed Thief 3 Patcher link. Found some gear bugs. Changed ambient music table font. Added "Other" section and download link image. Updated Thief 3 Patcher readme with another bug.

6/1/4: Changed table border color and Thief 3 tweaks link. Updated T3 Patcher

5/31/4: Fixed patcher link. Created News/Updates section.

5/30/4: Added Thief: Deadly Shadows section. Edited layout.

3/28/2K: ?

Thief: Deadly Shadows

download T3 Patcher (40K) by Myagi: Change frob (highlighted object) color, enable/disable loot percentage, remove (or replace with subtle) arrow trails, enable/disable loot glint. See readme.txt for more info.

Through The Looking Glass Forums - Thief 3 Tweak Guide

RGB-to-RW Color: Converts between RGB (0-255) color to Thief's 0-1 color scale.


See how Thiefs 1 and 2 compare to other games in my 3D game comparison.

Removing Ambient Music

Remove the WAV(s) from snd.crf (ZIP) you don't want to hear. I took out most of the ambient music (because they would not shut up after I disabled music in Thief's options, and I can still hear them in Thief 2 with the ambient music volume all the way down). Unfortunately, it seems that if any sounds are missing from Thief 2's snd.crf file, Thief 2 will quit back to Windows once a level is loaded. Looks like Looking Glass screwed something up... :/

Thief: The Dark Project Thief 2: The Metal Age
..Thief\snd.crf\sfx\..Thief 2\res\snd.crf\sfx\
WAV Size (bytes) WAV Size (bytes)
abyss 1,120,128 basemen2 119,470
bellthmp70,716 basement 107,694
bridge1 35,526 beatbel1 92,878
diffuse 66,620 bellthmp 70,716
dronelp 48,556 brassl 151,538
egglp1 22,726 btrem1 39,056
fb1 84,028 btrem2 39,568
fb2 61,500 btrem3 37,008
fb3 65,596 btrem4 40,592
fb4 90,172 btrem5 42,044
ffall1 82,054 fb1 84,028
ffall2 79,042 fb10 47,932
ffall3 64,742 fb2 61,500
ffall4 48,998 fb3 65,596
howltxta73,276 fb4 90,172
howltxtb75,324 fb5 39,996
m02bs1 67,432 fb6 55,612
m02bs2a 41,932 fb7 46,908
m02bs2b 41,452 fb8 45,884
m02bs2c 42,092 fb9 37,692
m02bs2d 43,324 l14_wail 167,730
m04cat1a154,284 l14wail1 223,362
m04cat1b110,636 l14wail2 216,194
m04cat1c150,590 l14wail3 166,018
m04cat2a144,876 l14wail4 137,346
m04cat2b124,168 l2_base1 231,598
m04cat2c151,276 l7_base1 925,870
m05loop158,866 l7_basem 169,090
m05loop2117,704 m01drone 68,944
m05loop3117,664 m01tone1 84,152
m13str 103,900 m01tone2 82,206
pitch1 188,908 m01tone3 159,362
pitch2 186,156 m01tone4 104,610
pitch3 185,772 m01tone5 120,980
squarelo22,726 m01tone6 108,726
str1 24,892 m01tone7 177,310
str2 23,100 m01tone8 172,762
str3 24,380 m04lo 721,040
str4 24,380 m04ring 1,032,236
subson1 90,118 m07wax 148,028
subson2 71,534 m10boing 140,432
tension148,704 pbridge 35,526
tension258,648 s01mel1 333,912
tension347,042 s01mel2 456,848
tension748,880 s0400 675,984
tone1 162,450 subson1 90,118
tone2 139,218 subson4 85,318
tone3 92,600 substr1 90,144
tone4 190,226 swells2 931,970
tone5 152,466 tension1 70,530
vox1 93,226 throblo 36,412
vox2 97,994 vln_hit1 231,528
vox3 96,966 vln_hit2 257,136
voxloop 93,648 vln_hit3 254,036
voxtrans42,318 vln_hit4 273,458
windstil73,276 vln_hit5 241,754
56 files4,838,828 bytes vlncalm1 262,188
voicel1 169,150
voxloop2 102,026
59 files 11,271,918 bytes

Questionable Thief 2 sounds: airtone*, amb_low*, cave*, den*, hum2, lite*, lowtrem, paglit*, portal, singing*, sts_amb1, trem*, vikglow*, wingedf

Thief 3 (Deadly Shadows) has an annoying bug: if music is set to 0 ("off") in the options, it will resume at full volume if any option is changed or a game is saved. A quick fix (thanks to SpammersDie via the alt.games.thief-dark-project newsgroup) to get rid of all music and ambient sounds is to change "MusicAndAmbienceVolume=1.0" to 0 in default.ini under the [Cadence] section.

Unfortunately, removing sounds (WAVs/OGGs) from Thief 3 requires a bit more work (based off a TTLG forum post). The sounds are mostly in the ..\Thief - Deadly Shadows\CONTENT\T3\Sounds\SchemaMetafile_HardDrive.csc file (but music, dialog, and some ambient sounds are in the other CSC files). Use Sound Drone (alternate link) to view their contents (until something Thief 3-specific comes along, anyway) if you want to hear/extract them. You'll need a hex editor (I use UltraEdit but any should suffice) to edit the CSC file and change the names of each sound you don't want to be played. If Thief 3 can't find the sound file in the CSC file, it will check the "sounds" directory for it. If not there, the sound simply won't play (and won't crash the game, as far as I can tell).

Thief: Deadly Shadows
..Thief - Deadly Shadows\CONTENT\T3\Sounds\*.csc
ID WAV/OGG Size (bytes)
amb_caves.ogg 1,619,165
m04church amb_churchs.ogg 402,478
m07song amb_clocktower1s.ogg 713,126
m07song2 amb_clocktower2s.ogg 1,374,000
m02dist amb_dists.ogg 245,596
m06drips amb_dripss.ogg 1,183,444
m06groove amb_dungeons.ogg 958,464
m04hammers amb_hammers.ogg 668,650
amb_inn_hit1s.ogg 128,924
amb_inn_hit2s.ogg 189,579
amb_inn_hit3s.ogg 275,802
amb_inn_hit4s.ogg 364,641
m04drums drums 62,198
m06chrips chirpslo4 89,562
m10cluster cluster2 89,562
hollow 52,030
hollow2 68,370
m11hum hum 84,982
m08heartbeat m08heartbeat 90,062
m08hums 209,530
m08mel m08mel1 94,854
m08mel m08mel2 94,134
m08organ m08organ1 137,802
m08organ m08organ2 135,426
m08swell 170,413
m09children m09children1 145,326
m09children m09children2 143,598
m09children m09children3 105,870
m09haunted m09haunted1s.ogg 2,091,678
m09haunted2 m09haunted2s.ogg 1,052,129
m09haunted3 m09haunted3s.ogg 564,681
m09stitchs.ogg 1,209,420
m10mel m10mel1.ogg 309,484
m10mel2.ogg 252,920
m10mel3.ogg 315,292
m10mel4.ogg 225,683
m10strings m10strings1 124,544
m10strings2 81,642
m10strings3 73,002

Pretty much all amb_*.ogg sounds are ambient background suspense-type noise with the exception of amb_critterss (insects and vegetation rustling) and amb_starts (start level).

I don't think I got all of them, so if anyone knows anymore, email me.

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