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# Name Comments Year(s) Playing Tomb Raider Favorite Tomb Raider
156.Clemens QuossPlease, please, make it happen!3Tomb Raider 1
155.Bill KnightNothing stands up to the original tombraider in orignality. It is the best Tombraider game out there, and it is sad that it has since been neglected. Please add new 3D support Edios!21st Tombraider
154.Alberto RamosI misss my old lara........Since the demo of Tomb RaiderTomb Raider 1
153.Rohan Singhthis game is not for impatient people3 yearstomb raider 2
152.Larry Croft 3 yearstr1
151.Obadiah Windom   
150.KotAri  TR I , TR II , TR II gold
149.Jose CabanTR1 is the best TR game, and it deserves 3d supportsince the beginning(4 some years ago)Tomb Raider 1
148.Juha JuuselaThe 3D Patch is really needed3 
147.Pepa Zacharias 41
146.James LocktonExcellent GameSince ReleasedTomb Raider 3
145.George TazberikI don't like having blue colors when I try to use a 3d patch on my voodoo251
144.Jacob Luebbers   
143.Lin Ken, Quek   
142.Michael Henderson 54,1
141.Jacek 3all
140.Andreu Mestre Pinartplease, i need the 3dfx patch for TR 1 Voodoo 23All, but the First need the patch
139.MIka Kaehkoenen 4The first one. No doubt about it.
138.ChigYeah, Let us play with her, in all her high rez glory!41
137.Matt L 51
136.Paul m 4TR 1 (game play but not grafics)
135.ElfmageGo on, how long would it take you?CountlessTR II
134.Gallou FlorentI want to see the first tomb raider with a new dreath !Since the first day... to now !N° 1 and 4
133.Robert 4all of them
132.Mariusz MlynekGood:))))32,4,5
131.AdamTomb Raider is Super5Tomb Raider 1,4,5
130.Jan Haeck 4Tomb Raider III
129.robrti agree 'bout all of this6TR2 (TR3 has no a good story..)
128.Lars Lorenzen since the beginningTomb Raider 1
127.Arkadiusz SliwinskiPlease build D3D or OpenGL extension!41 and 2
126.Jaanus MummTomb 1 is legend, it's the greatest!!!1996One of the favor, they all are very good
125.Artimus Brown, Jr.   
124.Laura BeaversonWe want a fully loaded TR!13
123.Krzysztof--Tomb Raider 2
122.Michał  2
120.IngoTR1 is still the BEST one ever madesince the beginning of TRTR1
119.Bartek 4Tomb Raider 2
118.Diogo Antunes Since it got out on the Saturn!Tomb Raider 1
117.Mateusz 43
116.Michał Marczyk   
115.Michelle Vanek not enough! 
114.Suzie QTomb Raider rocks! If only it would work on my PC... :(1 and a halfTough competition between 1 + 2.
112.Vincent AndrewsIt would be great to henhance tomb raider21
111.Baran 4TR 1
110.RAZOR  Last Revelation
109.stróżyk 34
108.Brent Potter 5 
107.Andrzej 4 
106.KatalonTR1+Direct3D or OpenGL = Coolest TR31,2,3,4,5, NEXT GENERATION ?
105.fou.solitaire 2 YearsTomb Raider 3
104.raiderTR is just the best game ever made and Lara RULEZ !!!!5TR 1,3,4
103.MaG 5TR1
102.gilbert roweyeh they should do it :)51 2 4
101.Anthony PiggottI'd really like to see a free upgrade to "The Lost Artefact" for exisiting TR3 owners in the UKSince the beginingTomb Raider II
100.SirCanealot Not long. To old(dos is annoying) 
99.W.K. MorrowPlease include Gravis Grip support too!5Tomb Raider 2
98.Jason Brasier Since the beginningTR1, followed by 2, 5, 3, 4
97.Catlantean Since 1996TR1
96.Agar 3TR C
95.BgDdyDn 51&2
94.SeanIf implimated effectively, hardware acceleration can greatly improve the look of the game, just look at Thief with hardware acceleration as opposed to without...there is a vast improvement4 yearsTomb Raider 2
93.Matthew NicholsTR1 IS COOL!!2 
92.Donald 4Tomb Raider 1
91.Tomber 32
90.OlegThank You for this game !since 1996 (5 years)All
89.Adolfo de Oliveira FrancoTR1 does deserve a graphics update2Lost Artifact
88.Nancy T. (Rose662)Please help enable us to continue to play TR1 by releasing the patch. New players would like to play TR1 on their computers, but they cannot without a patch! Thank you. 3TR1 is the best!! Plus the other Tomb Raiders I have played: 1 Gold, 2, 2Gold, Lost Artifact, Chronicles
87.Greg Eckermann(kwobos,formly known as Unkwon)WELL AS A LOYAL COSTMER TO CORE AND THERE PRODUCTS I ALSO DEMAND A OPENGL CARD FOR MY GE FORCE 2 CARD Manly Because I'd LOVE TO GET what the Old Time gamer got that I haven't and It would make it compatible to my new PC AFTER ALL THE STUFF I did For the Charater Lara and Core I demand my TR1 game to work on my New PC Please Get me a New PC4TR 1 & 2
86.Kwiatkowski 4All
85.Daniel Hopej 5All
84.Tomasz at the beginingTR1 tr4
83.Joanna Rogalskano comments4TR4
81.maclavtomb raider the series is the best - f... the rest . 1998tomb raider 1
79.Roman G. Olchuck   
77.Bernhard Nemeth   
76.Fábio 5Tomb Raider II
75.EMOOTomb Raider FOREVER3The Lost Artifact
74.Kamil Lewandowski 35
73.Mariusz Piotrowski 3All
72.Kamil Ignaczak-----/Tomb Raider RULEZ/-----4Tr 3
71.Marc Burgess   
70.Joseph Pellegrino 5 Tomb Raider Chronicles
69.Leandro Basques 4tr4
68.Robert FabryI have graphics card ATI All in Wonder Pro4Tomb Raider I,II,III,IV,V
67.Carlo Debiagi yesTomb Raider 1
66.Sean ThomasPlease Please4 to 5 yearsTomb Raider 1
65.Helena Orlov 3Tomb Raider 1
64.Duan Liu   
63.Alex Trakker   
62.Kathybut i like it51
61.Jaroslaw Warabiedaplease!!5tr1
60.Pierre Wiget   
59.Awe 4TR2
58.Arkadiusz HuttaI have graphic card with "nVidia heart" now and it is bad. Bad for TR1. It looks ugly, cos there is no patch, witch support nVidia cards :(4TR1
56.Michel Rousseau 31 an 1 gold unfinished business
56.Michel Rousseau 31 an 1 gold unfinished business
55.ChouquaisDoes not work fine with my ATI cardsince the begining1,2,3 in this order
54.Stefan Schneideror give us the source code of tr1 and we make the DirectX Port of TR1since TR11
53.Tomasz Sledz   
52.Krzysztof Makowiecki 53 and 1
51.Tomasz Lisowski 51
50.lost atlantisthe source code should be released also!!41 or 4 , I don't know
49.Marcin J.S. 51
47.Marek Grzelewski  TR II
46.Marek SzymańskiThey should release the source code.4TR3
45.Jan Kuske 3tr2
44.John V Pritchard   
42.P.I.T  Chronicles
41.Andrzej Przybylak 4TR1/TR4
40.Pantera 1,5 All, but TR 1 is the best!
39.Tom Ksel 4Tomb Raider 1
38.Bart Ramekers   
37.AndykazWe need a new API for first TR (or level converter - PHD to TR2).4first Tomb Raider
36.MickagameThe best game in the world is tomb raider1996Tomb Raider 1
33.Vadimno comments21
32.lorenzin 3 yearsTR4
31.Lefoulthe tomb raider series are my favorite games and i hope core will accept this decision1tomb raider the last revelation
30.TROAccording to the futures evolution of Microsoft's systems and consequently the supression of Dos, Tomb Raider Online's french team can only side with PetitionOnline against the firt TR's neglect 5Tomb Raider II
29.Nicolas 4TR2
28.PoncetJe suis le responsable de TombRaiderNews.com et souhaite vivement cette réalisation au nom de tous les fans  
27.anglais  1and4
26.lefebvre  TR3
25.Roi Lionwrite a new Tomb.exe under Directx 5 the 1 and the 4
24.Katikut 5 
23.cologTR1 is the greatest31
22.Clement Arnaud  tomb raider 4 and 1
21.Cyril CogordanTomb Raider is the best game of the last century :o)5Last Revelation
20.Mario 3Chronicles
19.E. Debets 3tomb raider 1
18.RayPLEASE!!41, original and best
17.Francesco "FZ"I created levels for TR2/3/4 ..with unofficial and official Editors...1997Tomb Raider 1 !!!!!!!
16.Michael Grijak 4#2
15.Bernhard Kühn Since TR was borne ...... -) 
14.Marianne van der Ploeg   
13.John Tomarse 31,2,4,5,3
12.ken jervis 5tr2
11.Tony Davis 3Tomb Raider 1
10.W. van RijsselIt's so blocky in software mode4All
9.Gary Mitchell
8.John SmithWould run like a dream on a 256 DDRNew playerTomb Raider 1
7.j.staden 4TR 1
6.Rafael Torres 41
6.Rafael Torres 41
5.Kevin Verver 4all except TR3
4.Mark Simpsonshould have d3d compatible years ago4TR1
3.Em BertYou patch it, I'll buy it!!! Long live TR1!4 - I have every single version.TR1 was my favorite - none of the later versions, although excellent, were able to capture the magic of Tomb Raider 1.
2.Anita Jahn  Last Revelation
1.Eep˛long overdue!41


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