Tomb Raider 1 Updated 3D Acceleration Patch


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To:  Eidos Interactive & Core Design Limited

Tomb Raider 1 (TR) should be remade to support current 3D video cards/chips. When TR was made in 1996, there was no 3D API standard like Direct3D and OpenGL (which are standard these days). 3Dfx's Glide and various other propietary 3D chip (ATI Rage, Permedia, etc) patches of TR were released soon after the software TR was initially released. It's been 4 years now and many people still consider TR1 to be the best of the now 5-part series.

Most people no longer have video cards compatible with TR1's 3D chip patches. The ATI patch is buggy, crash-prone, and no longer supported by Eidos, Core, or ATI. 3Dfx was recently bought by nVidia and the chance for an updated Glide driver for nVidia cards (namely the GeForce series) is slim, as is it even working with TR1's Voodoo patch.

This petition is to ask Eidos (publisher) and Core (developer/programmer) of Tomb Raider to release updated, Direct3D and/or OpenGL patches for TR1 to work on current 3D cards/chips.


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