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TR's audio (music and sound effects) are in different files. RIFF-Wave (WAV) sounds are in TR1 "PHD" level files, Unfinished Business "TUB" level files, TR2 "main.sfx" file, TR3 "main.sfx" and "cdaudio.wad" (music, sounds, cut scene speech) files, and TR4 "TR4" level and WAV audio files.

download Xtract Tomb Raider WAVs
(15K, DOS)
Command-line-extracts sounds from TR1 (with a little work), and easily from TR2-4. Includes incomplete descriptive TR2 sound list. If you can figure out any of the sounds with "?" in the description, and/or want to make a list of sounds for TR1, 3, and/or 4, email me.

alternate download location SoundJack!
Stefan Schneider

Plays/extracts sounds from TR1, Unfinished Business, and TR2-4.

download Tomb Ripper
(117K, Win9x/NT; requires
Visual BASIC 5 run-time DLLs)
David Skotnicki

Lists, plays, and extracts sounds from TR2/3.


Level Info
Richard Jalbert
Lists level info and extract texture tiles.

TRitem Internet Archive Wayback Machine
(37K, Win9x/NT+)
Roy Godbold

Add items to TREditor. Read TRitem.doc inside ZIP for more info.

download TRueView
(207K, DOS)
Yuri Zhivago

"A level viewer for all retail versions of Tomb Raider (1, UB, Gold, 2, 2 Gold, 3, 3 Gold, Last Revelation). It also works on some demo levels ("The Times Exclusive" and others). It will display entire levels (or cut-scenes), and selectively display the meshes (with animation!), statics, sprites, per-vertex lighting, animated textures, etc. It allows you to position the camera anywhere in the level, moving through walls and objects as needed." Requires OpenGL. Includes source code.

alternate download location TRViewer Internet Archive Wayback Machine
E. Popov

Views, im-/exports textures from/to TR1-4. Views, im-/exports 3D Studio meshes from TR1-3 (i.e. replace Lara!). Load/replace palette. Visit website for more info.

The Tomb Raider III Viewer Project
(alternate location
--some links won't work)

Views TR2 "TR2" level files. TR3 "TR2" level file specs were also available on the site, which I noticed down on 1/8/2K.

alternate download location Tomb Raider Flares
Luis N. Polasek

Increases brightness in TR1 "PHD" level files.

Turbo Pascal

Room Viewer
download Lara Position (150K, DOS): (Edited) "Larapos.exe will define where in the level Lara will start.
    Syntax: larapos levelname.phd/tub room row column

    This is not like position editor, which edits the saved game file; this program edits the PHD/TUB level file."

download Tomb Raider Gold utilities (76K, DOS):
    For Unfinished Business' Egypt level (egypt.tub)'s first room only:
  1. patch1: miscellaneous modifications (adds bridge to other side, disables some wall collision detection, and adds a medipack)
  2. patch2 (changed to "chgtext" and now works for any level--see below)
  3. patch3 (changed to "chglight" and now works for any level--see below): light intensity
  4. patch4: disables all wall collision detection (solidity) but can only walk on one plane
  5. (Edited): "Finally, I got the correct formula to calculate the size of each room and inspect the PHD level files too. From now on all programs work for any room and any level (PHD and TUB). I rewrote patch2.exe (textures) and renamed it to chgtext.exe. Also I rewrote getmesh.exe and putmesh.exe and made the new tr_water.exe. These programs now work with TUB and PHD level files for any room."

    For any level (PHD or TUB)'s room:
  6. chglight: changes ambient light and Lara's model's light
  7. getmesh: extracts meshes (vertices/polygons) into a text file
  8. putmesh: injects meshes from a text file
  9. sample1.txt: makes the first room in egypt.tub completely different with only 6 big polygons

    Note that the text file is editable so vertices/polygons can be modified, including which textures are on polygons! Polygons/vertices may now be added/deleted and you can put the values to 0 like in sample1.txt for them to not be rendered. Only use positive values. The polygons don't render from behind.

    You can use the info in these text files for rendering and modifying the room with custom 3D tools. He does not want to make a 3D drawing program from scratch to make the rooms because it's hard to code, so he's considering using an existing 3D drawing program like AutoCAD to make the rooms. However, not everyone has AutoCAD so he prefers another, more accesible program like shareware Quake or Duke Nukem 3D level editors or another custom 3D drawing program. So if you know of a good 3D program or if someone wants to code a 3D drawing program he can use to import to his ASCII text mesh file format, email him.

    TP is ready to start coding a simple custom room editor. Also, he tells me that a few people have asked him what 3D modellers use his mesh extraction/injection text format. None do since he made it up so until he or someone else creates a program to read it, you'll have to edit it manually. He said he'll make a room viewer for this text format soon.

  10. chgtext: change all textures
  11. tr_water: make a room underwater or not

    "TR water is very cool and funny. It works in any room--even in open areas you can undo the underwater effect for rooms originally designed to be underwater. In opens areas the underwater makes cool, amazing effects: you can see water walls, doors, and ceilings, and can reach normally unreachable areas--it seems like you can fly and escape from the enemys. I spent a lot of time adding and deleting water from several levels and playing the levels in a way not originally designed. This was so funny. The animals don't drown, so be careful when exploring.

Lara doesn't always start in room 1, so when you use these programs to make changes in this room, this room is not always at the beginning of the level. For example in level2.phd, Lara starts in room 5. With these tools I discovered that many 'rooms' are actually several chained rooms that all together look like one big room.

I am almost done with these sections: room: info, meshes, doors, floor, lights, static; and samples info. I only have 1 word (2 bytes) unknown in these sections.

Now I am in character meshes, bones, and object meshes. I will email Meshjack!'s author and request info about this section. I don't pretend to support changes in these sections but I need the formula for calculating the size of this section on any level file so a can get in the next sections (items, commands).

I am starting to study Direct 3D; I think that it is time to make some visual tools.

I attempted to use a Quake level editor with TR but there are too many incompatibilites so I decided not to support this. Quake draws cubic figures with at least 6 polygons and TR with at least 1 polygons. So I decided make a custom room editor from scratch using Direct 3D; TR's data and Direct 3D are almost 100% compatible.

I sent you the work I made with this Quake editor just to show the possibilities that Putmesh can make.

- fex.map (1 wall, floor, and some cubes drawn with a Quake level editor--any Quake level editor work)
- map2trl.exe (read fex.map and create fex.trl)
- fex.trl (txt room mesh created with map2trl.exe)
- map2trl.pas (source code of map2trl.exe in Pascal code of course, just for show how make the room mesh file format)
- fexlib.tpu (suporting library to compile map2trl.pas with Turbo Pascal 7)

Use putmesh.exe to put fex.trl in room 1 in level1.phd and you will see what you draw in fex.map ("putmesh fex.trl 1 level1.phd"). 1000000 thanks to VAGRANT for provide me Qoole, the best level editor I had seen."


Richard Jalbert's TextureAssign Create texture lists from Jack.

Stefan Schneider's Jack! Extracts/imports textures from/to all TR1 (German and English versions), Unfinished Business (TR1 Gold), TR2 (+ demo), TR3 (+ demo), and TR4 (no importing yet).

Foxy77's Internet Archive Wayback Machine download TR2 to BMP (20K, Win9x/NT) A TR2 texture extractor that seems to use the correct transparent color (pink) but it splits up the textures of the same level instead of keeping it one single image like Jack! does.

Nude Raider These are only here because they modify the level files. They basically just change the textures on Lara's mesh/model so she looks nude. This could also be done with Jack! .5 (and above) by finding which textures/"skins" apply to Lara's mesh/model/object and then replacing them with nude (or whatever) versions.


Stefan Schneider
Views 3D meshes/objects from TR1/UB/2/3.

download GetLara (60K, DOS)
A TR2 Lara mesh extractor (to 3D Studio 3DS format). See README inside ZIP for more info. The 3D Studio Max 2.5 version is available in Models.

download Gameflow (29K, DOS)
Core Design
A scripting utility that allows some customization of TR2 (+ TR2 Gold):
  • edit all text strings and level names
  • change CD track used as level background music (plus the "secret found" sound)
  • control some aspects of game flow (level order, demo mode, and maybe even what happens when Lara dies)
  • comes with complete script for German TR2 Gold demo
  • reads script and generates a new tombpc.dat file

  • Tomb Raider flight mode patch
    Ben Rudiak-Gould
    Fly (swim) through TR2/3/4 with invincibility and no air loss. Get to those usually inaccessible places without hacking saved games and screwing with the corner bug!
    Ben: "It took a *lot* of work to write the flight patch, and I'm not sure I want to go through that again. Making the patch work with TR2 would probably be the easiest of the projects you suggested. Even so, I was kind of hoping someone else would be inspired by my work and do the port for me. :-) If you know of anyone like this, I'd be happy to cooperate by sharing what little I discovered in the process of reverse-engineering."

    Tomb Raider Position Editor Internet Archive Wayback Machine
    Paul Walton
    "Enables the editing of Lara's position in a savegame - north/south, east/west, height, and orientation positions may be amended." I think it allows positioning Lara beyond doors, gates, some walls, etc, but I tried it at the end of the TR Lost Artifact (TR3 Gold) demo but Lara kept getting "stuck" or something. Apparently, according to Jeff Reid anyway, there are places in the TR levels where even though it seems like there is open space for Lara to fit, the room portal (or whatever it is), ends before it so Lara won't be able to go there. Perhaps when a level editor is released these areas can be "opened up" to Lara.

    Tomb Raider Utilities Page (Loren Petrich): for the Apple Macintosh TR
    Sound Raider Extracts sounds; includes source code.
    Data Raider Exports textures (8- and 16-bit, transparency masks), and offers the choice of extracting all textures in one strip or as separate tiles (files). Later versions will export geometric objects.

    download Unfinished Business (TR Gold) no-CD hacked executable (305K)

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