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Active Worlds



Introduction Introduction

RenderWare--Internet Archive Wayback Machine: RenderWare) (RW), developed by Criterion Software Limited (Internet Archive Wayback Machine: Criterion Software which used to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon, Incorporated but is now owned (and completely absorbed/assimilated, it would seem) by Electronic Arts, is the name of the three-dimensional (3D) applications programming interface (API) graphics rendering engine used in the on-line, 3D, virtual reality--Internet Archive Wayback Machine: old VR article (VR), interactive environment Active Worlds (AW) (developed by Activeworlds.com, Incorporated).

Had enough acronyms yet? I'll try to tone it down...

RenderWare is not VRML (virtual reality modelling language). VRML is a 3D modelling programming language that needs a rendering engine like RenderWare, Direct3D, OpenGL, etc. in order to render it. RenderWare 2.x- (and AW3+), on the other hand, have their own self-rendering, internal scripting language, which is the focus of this website.

This website (site) was created in November, 1997 and released to the public on 11/25/97. I felt the Active Worlds community needed a centralized site to learn more about creating objects for Active Worlds. At the time I only knew of two other sites related to this, Grover's "Renderware Walk-Through" and HenrikG's "Texture Tutorial". Grover's site mainly inspired me to create this site, especially considering his site was down (because of some legal trouble with Mattel). So, instead of just putting his site up on my site, I decided to make a whole new site. I also didn't really like his anyway; it wasn't organized very well and didn't look too good. I wanted to link to those sites as well as provide a much more comprehensive and referential account of what exactly is involved in creating RenderWare objects for use in Active Worlds; hence the original name of this site. (I'll try to tone down my abuse of the word "site", too.)

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If you're interested, you can learn more about my Active Worlds history--and to see what objects I've created, go to teleport Hole 20s 17w (currently only available when I'm in AW and by permission only due to object password theft; some of my objects can be seen here, however).

I've tried to make this site relatively easy to understand, so things might get overexplained. There isn't much information out there on RenderWare scripting, so I'm trying to target from novice to expert users interested in it.

If you have any suggestions or comments on, or something to add to, the site, please email me. This site is only possible through what other people (and myself) have discovered and learned while creating Active Worlds objects.

If you're brand new to 3D, I recommend orienting yourself with a basic look into 3D modelling at Webreference's 3D Animation Workshop: Lesson 1: 3D Space before attempting to create 3D objects. It will also be necessary to learn the 3D language (terminology) that will be used throughout this site.

For the clueless, use the JavaScript pull-down menu in the top frame, or the text links located at or near the top of the main pages, to navigate this site. Many links move within the site. I believe this extensive internal relinking will aid in learning the RenderWare script (RWX) commands, as well as provide coherence and meaning through association as to what they do. If you still can't find something, search.

If you just can't stand my choice of HTML colors, adjust your monitor's brightness/contrast settings, override the colors in your web browser's preferences, turn down the lights, get away from the sun (which may be causing monitor glare), and/or try bookmarklets. I like dark colors; sue me.

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Cy Awards
This site won a
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on 9/12/98.

Accept no imitations!

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