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Old News/Updates
(newest-to-oldest; many dead links so use Internet Archive Wayback Machine)
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2/12: Thanks to Dean/Challagar for informing me of something I forgot regarding polygon-vertex order. Polygon edited accordingly (and moved redundant bullets into a single list).

2/2: Thanks to Ivan for sending me a link to download 4DBuilder.


12/28: Added RWX tutorial to links.

9/21: Redesigning layout...

9/3: Edited collision note.

8/3: Edited terms: added add/remove materialmode (and why they shouldn't be used) and replacement "AW3 texture edgeline problem" and mipmapping links; fixed some AW help links so they don't open in frame and transform table so it displays correctly in Win2K+.

7/26: Edited intro: removed Glide and Heidi APIs and added info about RW 2.x- and AW3+ and seeing my objects in Hole. Added Internet Archive links to GrimmSoft (MrGrimm)'s editors (still no download links but at least the original websites can be viewed once again).

7/24: Updated links thanks to Internet Archive, a great search engine for finding old, dead (and older versions of) sites.

7/23: Added quick3D and edited X-to-RWX in converters. Added ZModeler.

7/12: Added Alterlinks links.

7/9: Added more silly little icons for "links" and "search".

7/7: Added to links: Robbie's sites and links frame option, missing newish terms from lists, SpringDance. Edited: frame/page titles and navigation for consistency, and 4DBuilder.

7/1: Added: "randomuvs" to UV and opacityfix note to (and updated) opacity.

6/30: Added RWXViewer.

6/28: Added Vermin object site to links.

6/21: Added Foxy's RWX Tools.

6/16: Fixed some links.

6/7-8: Removed background image and tweaked section table background and font colors. Fixed some dead links (still some left). Added terrain ground.


11/16: Replaced Modeler RW 2.1 DLLs with latest versions (was 2.1.12, now 2.1.15).

9/28: Edited Lighting.

9/26: Added Lighting.

9/1: Added 3D Studio Max 3.1 RWX exporter and renamed other 3DS Max RWX exporter filenames so they're more descriptive.

8/21: Edited Object Manipulation.

8/4: Trapez

7/18: Modeler 1.1.42 released.

7/12: Edited Avatars. Added X-to-RWX to converters.

7/8: AW 3.2 help updated. Added decameter (dm, RWX's scale) to the converter. If someone knows Javascript well enough to tell me how to add a third option to divide the end result by 2, I'd really appreciate it. Since half values are used throughout RWXes, such a feature would be very helpful and reduce having to manually punch in numbers on a calculator.

7/5: Well, well, WELL! It seems Modeler's programmer has finally been motivated to update it (seemingly only when his control over Modeler is relinguished--per the cracked non-expiring version)! Modeler has finally been updated after all these years...albeit with a minor feature, "nudge", but an update is an update! Hence, I have removed the cracked version as per my implied "ultimatum" in Modeler's discussion forum. However, keep in mind should he not update it again come this build's expiration date, a cracked version will once again become available.

7/4: Edited texture mask note. Added RW 2.1 DLLs to Modeler and a path note. Oh and Modeler's site is back up.

7/2: Since Modeler's site is down, I've added the full non-expiring version for those who don't already have Modeler installed. Edited ambience and diffusion entries.

6/30: Added non-expiring Modeler executable.

6/28: Updated primitives reversed polygon note.

6/25: Fixed bad TexMap link.

6/18: Added "trueSpace" general section (and moved "Significa's COB-to-RWX" part below) to converter comments.

6/16: Added Ananas miscellaneous utilities link.

6/8: Added DirectX 8 Viewer.

6/7: Added Removing to renamed "Reducing & Removing Polygons". Edited materialmode and site index.

6/2: Added object link. Removed dead links. Changed background (page and table) color. Edited Files.

5/31: Crow (also see links for website) is working on a SEQ-to-txt converter.

5/26: Added HagViewer tutorial link.

5/20: AW 3.2 features

5/18: Added exporters note.

5/12: Added 3D Explorer. Edited Files.

5/10: Edited primitives.

3/18: Not like it matters much, but SW Comit found that lights of brightness=100000000000000000000000000000000000000 will cause them to become negative lights, which were supposedly removed from AW 3.1 (looks like Roland screwed up yet again). But since RW 3.1 won't supposedly have negative lighting anymore this trick probably won't work in AW 3.2 (which will supposedly use RW 3.1).

3/17: Added Globe Generator. In still yet another bad move by those idiots at Criterion, RW 3.1 won't have transparency z-buffer sorting (which causes overlapping transparent polygon fragmentation) so now Roland has to reimplement that too! Most likely he'll not be able to do it as "well" as Criterion and AW will have yet another limitation... AW really needs its own 3D engine and dump the still-floundering (and sucking) RW. Unfortunately, Roland et al aren't capable of creating a 3D engine, let alone one that can even begin to compete with RW's inadequacy...

3/6: Edited notes: geometrysampling, prelight, and surface.

3/4: Updated RGB-to-RW Color; edited prelight note, viewers intro, and shadow positioning; and added a geometrysampling note and an RWXMod disadvantage.

2/25: Edited cone; seems I had # of sides and density mixed up.

2/18: I've asked Andras to make a cylinder program which allows different numbers of polygons for each end and texturemapping. Hopefully it'll be available soon. Added prototype note. Edited clump note and reflection.

2/16: Andras, per my request (thanks!), has created a new program: hemisphere. Ever wanted to match up a cylinder exactly to a hemisphere but have been frustrated at RW's inept primitive creation? Worry no more. Now hemispheres of any number of sides can be created with separate variables for radius and height--and they can even be texturemapped without having to run one of those clunky texturemappers after saving in RWXMod. Updated Files and hemisphere primitive term accordingly.

2/3: Added Terragen-to-RWX to converters.

1/24: Corrected object movement rotation measurements. According to a recent beta newsgroup post by Roland, RenderWare is getting an update with hardware transform and lighting (T&L), which should speed up rendering for those with a GeForce-based video card. Also, Criterion has screwed up yet again by including functionality that will no longer work in future versions of RenderWare: negative lights. So much for that idea...

1/20: Added Rubble to shadow example worlds.


12/21: AWCI's AW 3.1 release notes

11/6: original AW 3.1 screenshots (spot10.jpg to spot90.jpg)

11/5: AW 3.1 info; an example of the spotlight (for multiple lights) command: "create spotlight .2 40 radius=10 phase=10, rotate 0 10 0". Antiques added to reflection example worlds.

11/2: I was reading through the worldbuilders newsgroup and found some older news/updates about this site.

10/23: Added Varna to prelighting example worlds. Why aren't you emailing me about worlds with prelighting?

10/22: Edited primitives.

10/18: Edited AccuTrans.

10/14: TechTalk:

  • Roland: "in 3.1 we've added an 'examine' command which basically just allows you to spin an object around with the mouse to look at it from all sides"
  • the macro server should be in AW 3.1
  • AW 3.1 has a beta deadline of 12/1

    10/9: Edited diffusion. Added A'tuin2 to prelighting example worlds, and Rick's to shadow example worlds.

    10/6: Edited scene/world.

    10/5: Talked to Shamus about his AW 3.1 action commands:

  • "The new lights will support color, radius and some simple effects - no news on the command syntax yet; something like: 'create light color=white radius=3', etc. The light appears at the axis of the object." So, any object (including invisible objects--but light will remain visible) can be a light source.
  • "[Object] rotation is expressed in RPM [(rotations per minute)] and causes an object to rotate on its axis, so 'create rotate 1 0 0' would make an object spin on its x axis once per min[ute]." Also, there is no opacity command, as one person told me the other day.

    10/3: Added Eth2 and Contest8 to prelighting example worlds. Email me if you know of others. Rjinswand's AW site seems to be down. Gand (who used to work with Rjinswand) says Rjinswand doesn't do 3D anymore. He is (was?) one of AW's better object makers with realistic, clean, well-made objects.

    9/29: Lots of stuff from the latest TechTalk:

  • Shamus Young will be AW's newest programmer.
  • new action commands: multiple light sources and object movement/rotation
  • DirectSound (multiple simultaneously playing sounds, better distance fading)
  • Roland received RenderWare 3.03 but it broke a lot of things in AW.

    Roland also mentioned the desire for more frequent updates. The time it took for AW3 was just way too long, and even its beta period was excessively long, so hopefully more frequent releases will keep people interested in AW more!

    9/23: Remember Clayworks? Yea, I barely remember it either. Well, it has a new website and still seems to be in development, so hopefully there'll be another 3D modeler that can export to RWX soon...

    8/31: Edited scale conversion.

    8/11: Added Archon Manus to objects link.

    8/10: Added shadow example worlds.

    8/3: Added reflection.

    7/27: Something interesting I just found out about from the newsgroups at Discreet's press releases:

      "3d studio gMAX is a great step towards enabling gamers to edit and extend their favorite levels and content," said Steve Smith, business development director, Criterion Software Inc. "Criterion is already developing a range of extensions that provide for seamless integration between 3d studio max and RenderWare based games. Discreet's 3d studio gMAX initiative should allow our investment in the 3d studio max SDK to extend to the 170+ games studios around the world that are developing games using RenderWare, offering gamers a richer, deeper, more personalized game experience."
    Perhaps AW will support 3D Studio Max models some day...

    6/25: Lucrustia is on the move adding her rip-off site (which she now gives me partial credit to only after I bugged her about, and showed examples of, how most of the info came directly from this site) to AW's site. Accept no imitations...and feel free to make her aware of where the so-called "contributors" ripped most of their info from. Some telegrams from her about this:

      Telegram from Lucrezia Borgia, sent Mon Jun 12, 2000 10:04 AM: "Actually Eep, I didn't get information off your site, it wasn't online at the time..... 90% of my site came from documents written by some of the original people who designed AW - and the terminology came largely from Shamus, Roland, and a few community members."
    How could she not have gotten info from my site when she takes word-for-word parts (including the phrase I coined: "full vertical"), exact table design (spacing, centering, etc), and even the name, "Creating Objects For Use in Active Worlds" (which I have since slightly changed to distance myself from her rip-off site)? Give me a break!
      Telegram from Lucrezia Borgia, sent Mon Jun 12, 2000 10:13 AM: "I got dozens of documents sent to me by all kinds of people..... I don't have the originals any more, and I don't know who sent most of them...... *shrugs* I asked everyone for everything they had considering I don't understand objects in the slightest."
    She contradicts herself considering she claims 90% of "her" site came from some of the orginal people who designed AW (uh, Protagonist and Roland? better check your AW history, Crusty) yet then she says she doesn't know who sent most of the documents she recveived. Uh...are you this disorganized that you can't tell your ass from your face, woman? I can see right through your scams...

    6/23: New TexMap. Minor RWX editing.

    6/17: Edited filter and texturemode note.

    6/16: Edited transform note.

    6/14: Edited miscellaneous terms. Added Mizzy's 3D Studio Max exporter tips link and textureaddressmode note. Byte Me is creating an AW3 RWX viewer.

    6/10: Grover's site's back up. Various miscellaneous editing.

    6/9: Added non-bloatware Modeler build 37 executable.

    6/7: Reorganized and edited terms a bit. Edited RWX. Also, it seems Grover's site is down. If it stays down I will have his tutorials available on this site.

    6/2: Added RGB-to-RW Color. Edited files and terms.

    6/1: Edited RWXMod Help. Added example script to RWX prelighting.

    5/30: Added prototypes to redundancy.

    5/29: New Modeler version, but I haven't bothered to download it since I doubt anything is actually new in it except for the obligatory expiration date moved up a couple months yet again. Why Neil bothers with it is beyond me, especially since he's obviously stopped developing Modeler for over a year or so now. I guess he's just a sado-masochist or something. He doesn't respond to my emails about Modeler's development status and is just being a general putz about everything. I hope he gets his act together soon!

    5/28: Edited RWX prelighting and tag. New TexMap version.

    5/26: COBDump 3 build 342. Edited Object manipulation (again); some conversions were wrong and there's now a table. I may add a graphic to illustrate the differences better...if I'm bored enough. Anyone else care to make it?

    5/25: Edited prelighting (RWX prelighting coming soon) and object manipulation. Added avatar eye level.

    5/18: Minor editing: terms and RWX.

    5/17: Updated object manipulation with mouse movement. Added vertex blurb to "Locating Specific Polygons", which is now in Polygons & Vertices. Also, if you're interested in seeing what can be done with prelighting, check out teleport Hole world; I've been going nuts with it in there lately. :)

    5/13: Edited tree shadow script and terms. Oh and although Roland didn't mention this in AW3 build 340's release notes, "prelight 1 1 1" now works.

    5/12: Updated texture note. Other various, minor editing/tweaking. Added seams.

    5/11: More AW3 updates/editing (prelight, collision, textureaddressmode, and texturemipmapstate). Moved non-solidity under Collision Detection. Added primitives to Complex Objects, and COB Dump.

    5/10: Wow, almost 6 months to the day since I took down my site. Anyway, I decided to bring it back up early, but there may still be dead links and I haven't added AW3 info yet. Remember, all contents on this site are copyrighted by me, Eep², so if you use any of it on your website you must give me credit and provide a link back to this site ( And, yes, this means YOU, Lucrustia (fortunately for you I can't seem to find a link to your rip-off RWX site on AWCI's website). You might notice if I didn't come up with the info I've given credit to the person who did. You should have the decency to do the same. Don't plagiarize me (although Lucrustia's sneaky and tries to pass things off to other people even though she organized and instrumented it) and everything will be fine, dig? With that out of the way, we now resume your regularly scheduled object creation...

    5/8: By now most of you (anyone left?) should know about AW3's beta release. I must say my faith in AW as a technology is improving even if my likeness for AWCI as a company and management is the same. Anyway, I won't go into that here (but I do here) but I thought you guys deserve to know about the future of this site. As some of you may know, parts of the site are viewable. Even though I still don't agree about the newsgroups being open to just citizens, I will probably bring the full site back up around the time of AW3's public release (out of beta testing). In the mean time I plan to update the site with AW3 info, fix any dead links, etc.

    And to those are wondering about my citizenship status, yes, I have "renewed" it but it is now a part of Cubed world (which came with 2 free citizenships when Mauz bought it a year or so ago and renewed it recently).

    1/30: Welp, seems Lucrustia has put up AWCI's RWX pages (I won't even bother with a link) which take heavily from my site yet (right down to the name: "Creating Objects For Use in Active Worlds", table structures, and word-for-word info). I (not surprisingly) receive no credit despite most of the info coming from my site. Typical AWCI mentality: steal from others and claim as their own in an artificial attempt at making them seem part of the so-called "community". Pathetic...

    1/10: It seems some people are creating their own RWX sites as compensation for this site being down. Let me reiterate to those people as to why my site is still down (taken from my City4All newsgroup posts):

    The whole point of me taking my site down is in protest to AWCI's poor management. By hurting the citizens and their ability to create objects it will (hopefully) translate to decreased interest in AW which will (again hopefully) mean lost citizenships to AW (since Rick and JP only seem to pay attention to $ (money) and not what the citizens actually want). The protest must begin somewhere and when people circumvent other citizens' protest it just shows the so-called "community" is not really a community at all but rather an every-person-for-themself kind of mentality. To AWCI that simply means new blood...fresh meat to lie and cheat to until the next batch of fresh, delusioned citizens comes along to take their place.

    No thanks. I'm making my stand here and now...and I suggest other people make their stand with me.

    I used to believe that by nurturing AW's community, AW would grow and become less oppressive and more responsive to its citizens/users. I believed this for the years I was involved with AW (since summer '97) until, gradually, I noticed how Rick and JP (CEO and CFO, respectively) manage AW. I have history with AW and give case-by-case evidence of what I think are poor management decisions on their part.

    However, now I feel wiser to AW's management and feel by boycotting AW (taking down this site, not renewing my citizenship, rarely going to AW--except when I'm so bored I just have nothing else to do) and removing community services (like this site) will hopefully give Rick and JP a much-needed kick-in-the-ass-wake-up call, as I've stated below in previous updates.

    Communication is a big part of a community (note the root word "commune"), and I feel AWCI fails miserably in this respect. How does AWCI communicate with its citizens? Besides the occasional press release and taking newsgroups down, not much. Oh, sure, they throw their little "community gathering parties" that attempt to show interest in the so-called community, but when's the last time you've seen a post from Rick, JP, or Roland in their newsgroups? All I see is the dicatorette (Lucrezia) posting every once in a while.

    So by my removal of this site I am hoping to get people communicating with AWCI again (by not renewing their citizenships, complaining about why the newsgroups only allow citizens, why AW3 development is taking so long, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc). This, in turn, will hopefully inspire Rick, JP, Roland, et al to communicate back to the "community" and hopefully return AW to a more community-oriented atmosphere instead of the conflictual/provocative one I've seen it turn into over the years.

    When people decide to circumvent this reasoning by creating their own RWX sites and to "fill in the gap", as it were, they are defeating the whole point of protesting. People will continue to remain ignorant to AWCI's injustice towards its users while hopeful object creators ignorantly get the info they seek from other sources, while AWCI is left to continue to act oppressive towards its users without notice/complaint/objection.

    I understand anxious people's positions about wanting to create an RWX resource--hell, it's what inspired me to create my site in the first place. But the circumstances were different when I wanted to create a single site: people weren't boycotting AW at the time (that I know of anyway), and no RWX sites were down. So I would like you to try and understand my position about protesting and boycotting in the manner I have chosen. And I would like those interested in creating RWX sites to respect my choice and perhaps even withold the pressing desire to create your own RWX sites. Rest assured as soon as I feel AWCI is treating its users with more respect (allowing anyone to post to their newsgroups would be a good first step, for example), I will make my RWX site available once again. But some sacrifice needs to come from you, the object creators, to show support for my protest. I can only do so much by myself and just find it hard to believe most AW users (citizens, former citizens, and tourists alike) do not find what AWCI has done to its users unacceptable enough to want to boycott/protest with me.

    Please, do the research and see for yourself how AWCI treats its users. Talk to other people who have been banned and had their citizenships revoked for no given reason just because they express their thoughts and feelings about a company who treats/ed them like dirt. Don't just brush off such people and experiences as "troublemakers" and "pot stirrers" because if you have any history with AW you will know they were fairly popular within the AW "community" and want to see AW succeed just as much as I do.

    I do want AW to succeed but not in its current state of oppressive management and tyrannical policies. I once knew a more open, responsive AW management (back when AWCI was COF and Ron Britvich, AW's creator, was still working on AW), and would love for AW to return to that, but I just don't see that happening as Rick and JP become more and more greedy and only think of profits instead of an enjoyable AW experience. Please join me in this protest/boycott and don't just dismiss me as a loon who isn't getting his way. This never has been about me, but AW. I would not have put so much time, effort, and energy into creating my AW sites if I did not see great potential with AW. I just find it disheartening that it's managed so poorly...

    Please feel free to voice your opinion in City4All's public (anyone can post) AW community newsgroup.

  • 1999

    11/17: AWCI just doesn't seem to care one way or the other about its "community", it would seem. Well, start making them care by doing these things in protest of AWCI's continued ignorance of the "community":

  • Take down your AW-related website(s) and/or replace them with protest pages.
  • Don't participate in AW "events" (ceremonies, parties, games, etc)--or if you do be sure to bring up AWCI's bad management.
  • Don't renew your citizenship--better yet, cancel it and encourage others to cancel theirs and discourage tourists from becoming citizens.
  • Create protest places throughout AW worlds--the closer to Ground Zero the better.
  • Spread the word about AWCI's terrible management to the press (CNN, local news radio/TV stations and newspapers)--email them a link to my AW history, for example.
  • Submit Better Business Bureau (BBB; a US-Canadian consumer advocation organization) consumer complaints, too--especially if AWCI cancels your citizenship without justification (like because of your protests) and/or doesn't refund your money.

    At any rate, do not make this easy for AWCI. If you care about AW, work to see it is better managed and its citizens/customers/users are treated right. Get involved!

    11/12: Oh, one more thing: I suggest boycotting AW's newsgroups and just using City4All's instead. Make things as difficult as possible for AWCI and hopefully they'll get a clue!

    11/11: Despite the newsgroups coming back on-line, they are now protected from posting by requiring a valid AW citizen name/password. I am now protesting this as I feel this makes AW seem like an elite so-called "community" instead of the freer, less governmental "Big Brother"like tyranny it seems to be turning into more and more with each new "policy" AWCI enacts. I am no longer an AW citizen and so far have no regrets; in fact, I feel freer and less subject to AWCI tyranny. I'm moving on, basically. Anyway, this site will stay down until I feel AWCI treats the community (citizens and tourists) with more respect. Once again, I apologize if this causes you any convienence, but hopefully through your frustration you will voice your concerns to AWCI who will hopefully get a clue as to how to more respectfully deal with their customers, potential customers, and users of AW.

    11/9: This site is down in protest to the Active Worlds (AW) newsgroups being down for over 3 weeks now with no word from, Inc. (AWCI). Rumours abound, from lack of funds (perhaps a lack of citizenship renewals--like mine--gave a much needed kick-in-the-ass wake-up call to AWCI) to keep the newsgroup servers up, to "technical problems". An email to AW support a couple weeks ago resulted in typical PR bullshit: "soon". In the meantime, City4All (another AW universe) has a new AWCommunity newsgroup. Better Business Bureau

    I apologize if this causes you any convienence. Feel free to email Rick Noll, JP, Roland, any/or any other AWCIer to voice your irritation with their management.

    RW3/AW3 screenshots

    9/27: Added XelaG's SEQ file format specs link.

    9/25: Added XelaG's SEQ viewer.

    9/20: I wouldn't normally cover stuff like this but nothing else is going on and this might be somewhat relevant. From HamFon:

      "I found an obscure bug in the COB loader - it's not integrated into AW 2.2 yet - but it's in the new build of COBDump. Please try it out - and see if you still have any UV texturing problems with cob files.

      Here's what happened - in some rare cases, the material used for UV mapping was calculated wrong - which ONLY affected the texture if the UVRepeat values were set to something other than 1.

      If you have any examples of texturing that still are broken, please let me know - I'd be VERY happy to have fixed the problem - and not need to depend on any trueSpace bug.

      You can download the new build of COBDump here"

    8/24: Link added and Links edited.

    8/15: From the latest TechTalk (logs) regarding RW3: supposedly any size texture can be used, but it'll be scaled to the nearest power of 2. Hierarchial model support needs to be added.

    8/11: According to Shamus from the newsgroup, RW3 doesn't even support quads, which means objects will have unnecessarily more polygons. Can Criterion be any more lame with their design of RW3? So far I am not impressed with how RW3 is shaping up considering it's not even backwards compatible with RW 2.1! :/

    8/9: From the latest TechTalk (logs) regarding RW3: support for axis alignment will have to be added.

    7/25: Tag note edited.

    7/24: From the latest TechTalk (logs) regarding RW3:

  • greyscale texture masks (allows true transparency/alpha-blending)
  • support for RWX and filmstrip-animated JPGs will have to be added


  • Added to texturemode filter note.
  • Fixed terms frames. They should now work correctly in any combination.

    7/1: Criterion's entire site has been redesigned...again. And, yet again, Criterion's webmasters don't know how to design websites properly so the old RenderWare website link no longer works. The problem? It's now Try a redirection page next time, Criterion.

    6/20: Updated ground and Terraformer.

    6/18: Added Shamus Young's TerraFormer, a world landscape/ground modeller which is in beta testing, to modellers and ground.

    6/16: With the release of AW 2.2 beta, COB object support is now possible. Also, the full solidity vertex limit has been increased from 64 to 256 vertices. Collision detection edited accordingly.

    6/12: SEQs updated.


  • Edited AccuTrans and also added it to converters.
  • Edited files, attempting to make entries stand out even more.

    6/5: Added AccuTrans.

    6/3: Fixed default links.


  • Added UV coordinate removal.
  • Added section header links to RWX formatting.
  • Replaced terms list from site index and replaced with link to terms list frame.
  • Added note from Mauz to reducing verts/polys.


  • Edited RWXMod help and renamed the file from "RWXMod17.html" to "rwxmod.html".
  • Added "coordinate" terms navigation item.

    5/18: Added direct link to Andras' DEM-to-RWX modular ground converter/creator.

    5/15: Shoogar (of German world in the City4All universe) is translating these pages into German for use in City4All's RWX courses. I will be putting a link to them when he's ready. If anyone else would like to translate these into other languages, just let me know and I'll provide a link to them as well. AltaVista's translator isn't that good and doesn't seem to recognize my HTML code anyway [I don't use quotes, all-caps, and many unnecessary end tags ()], but you can still paste text into it. Also, if anyone has a translator CGI/Perl script, I can use that for real-time translation here.


  • Edited shadows a bit to make navigation easier.
  • In case anyone missed it, the RW 2.1 API reference is here.

    5/6: ClayWorks update


  • Thanks to HamFon, I now have a COMPLETE on-line RenderWare 2.1 API reference. Screw you, Criterion!
  • Measurement converter added.


  • Criterion has once again screwed me over by automatically redirecting all links to their even OLDER site (where I was linking API references since they took down the ones at the older site). Terms, files, and links pages have been edited to pull stuff that used to be available from Criterion's sites locally now. Meaning, the API reference (most of it anyway; if you find the rest, email it to me!) and some programs are on this domain. I really wonder if Criterion has any brains or if they just do stuff without thinking much. I seriously hope RW3 isn't as screwy as the way they handle their website...
  • Added exporters link and a spiffy new screenshot image (screenshot) to files.
  • Andras' DEM-to-RWX released! See misc. files for link.

    4/27: HagViewer translated!

    4/23: Finally! Andras is creating a DEM-to-RWX converter! No GUI or help but it creates (30m)³ sections for every (1.2km)² [shrunk from the original (3.6km)² DEM file] giving a scale (in meters) of 1 (RWX):3 (DEM). He plans on releasing it soon. Complexity (poly/vert) configuration is planned. Ground updated accordingly. Screw you, AWCI!

    4/15: Clayworks' website has been redesigned and includes more info on the in-progress version 3.


  • Fixed some more old RenderWare API reference links in terms and files.
  • More frame may be ugly around here for a bit.


  • Collision detection updated: apparently there is no polygon limit for full collision detection.
  • Experimenting with an automatic detection of frames (using Javascript) to add the menu frame to the page. So far only the site index has this. Let me know what you think and if I should just make links to framed and nonframed versions of each page like the intro page has.

    3/21: Ground updated with info about Archon's terrain generator.


  • Modular Ground edited and is now under Ground; various ground types added and another example world added.
  • Anchors: capitalization changed to lowercase; spaces replaced with underscores ("_") or removed.

    3/18: Added primitives commands to terms menu and site index.

    3/17: RWX examples added to links. These may help in learning and might be integrated into this site.

    3/16: Hint notes added.

    3/12: From Roland's latest "TechTalk": "right now among other things we are exploring the possibility of building a COB-file loader right into AW". COB files are outputted by Caligari trueSpace, a 3D modeller, for those who may not know. Currently, one has to use a converter to convert from COB to RWX format in order to use COB files in AW.


  • Zone & Sector added.
  • Terms edited.


  • Intro edited a tad.
  • New link color. Hopefully this should stop some of the whining about my color choices...
  • Seems I forgot to edit RWXMod's help when I changed some HTML page names. Oops.
  • Found an older RenderWare site and have started changing some links from the other one that doesn't exist any longer. Criterion still hasn't replied to my emails about what happened to their old site...
  • Criterion speaks—er, emails!
  • Try bookmarklets if you just can't stand my color choices for this site. You have to do them for each new page, however. Enjoy.


  • Edited Modeler.
  • Added wipEup object link.


  • 3D Studio Max 2.0 RWX-to-3DS exporter available once again, since the link to Criterion's old RenderWare site didn't work. Damn Criterion...why do they have to be such putzes? :/
  • 3DWin converter link changed since old one didn't work.
  • Default link changed.
  • "Objects created by Active Art Design for V-UCSC 1998" object link added.


  • According to Roland at his "Tech Talk" discussion in AWUniversity on 3/5/99 (minor editing for continuity): "There are some issues that need to be worked out. One thing is, as it currently stands, RW 3.0 does not support the 'rwx' file format. Obviously, we can't release a new version of AW that doesn't support .rwx files, so....fortunately 3.0 has a new 'plug-in' architecture that lets developers (such as us) to add functionality in to RenderWare seemlessly. For example, they already claim to have a VRML 2.0 plug-in and a 3DSMAX plug-in for 3.0 this could be very interesting...we may no longer me stuck with a single file format for anyway it probably would not be that hard to create a RWX plug-in for 3.0 that loads .rwx files Criterion has even offered to help us with that we're also thinking about maybe making a COB loader for AW, since so many people use Truspace to make objects for AW."
  • Striked out some links to Criterion's site, pending a reply to my email to them asking why they all-of-a-sudden just removed their old RenderWare site.


  • Seems RenderWare's website has changed to All the API references (which includes the script references) in terms no longer work. If you still need an API reference, there is a Microsoft Windows RenderWare 2.0 API reference help file available in the links. Other RenderWare images/links may not work either until I figure out where to find this stuff now. Sorry for any inconvienence.
  • Modeler 1.1 QuickStart link removed from modellers since the page doesn't exist and it's integrated into Modeler's HTML help anyway. Modeler's development has been slow these past few months, with the only major thing being the opacity bug fixed. Hopefully Neil'll start doing those "planned features" in the release.txt...


  • Added coordinate to, and edited, terms.
  • Minor intro and RWX editing.
  • Fixed some dead object links.
  • Added year headers to update pages to reduce redundant inclusion of year in dates. Plus it saves typing, space, and bytes.

    2/28: New links added.

    2/27: Added bullets to, and edited, terms to make things easier to read.

    2/25: New SEQ tags added.

    2/24: RWXtoLW added to converters.


  • Site-specific searching added thanks to Mauz. Thanks Mauz! :)
  • Search added to menu frame. I think I finally got the stupid columns to center correctly, too.
  • Introduction edited.

    2/16: Avatar collision detection edited.


  • Added cell note.
  • Changed "measurement-scale-object.html" to just "measurement.html".

    2/8: This site has been restored. See my Active Worlds history for more information. I apologize for any inconvienence this may have caused.

    2/7: This site has been temporarily taken down in protest to, Inc. locking out my account for no given reason. See the introduction for more information.


  • The other day, Odysseus emailed me about 4DBuilder, a modeller that can open/save RWXs. I haven't used it much. Modellers updated accordingly.
  • Added link to HTML version of 3DI's report and quoted Word document report version for comparison.


  • Added definition/description bullets to terms.
  • Changed "programs.html" to "files.html" and simplified "Downloads/Programs/Software/Utilities" to just "Files". Now if I can only think of a way to combine "Measurement, Scale, & Object Manipulation" into a single word... Simplified "RenderWare Links" to just "Links". Menus and site index edited accordingly.
  • Files edited.

    1/30: Searching is available, but its results are not limited to just this site, but all of However, it may be of some help. Until I figure out how to get a site-specific search, this will have to do.

    1/28: Seems Signfica doesn't exist anymore.

    1/23: Added converter comment to "Significa's COB to RWX" section and did some minor editing on the other comments.

    1/19: Tag note added.

    1/18: Added "Benefits" bullets and subtitles to Modular Ground.


  • Avatar collision detection updated.
  • News/updates older than one month (or until I get around to updating again) are now on a separate page.
  • 1998

    12/24: ClayWorks beta screenshot and more info.

    12/15: Avatar collision detection added. Avatars and site index edited accordingly.

    12/1: Woo, December. This site's been up for about a year now and has ~6440 hits. Not bad for a specialized site devoted to a relatively unknown rendering engine and most popular online 3D VR environment (which isn't saying much considering such environments aren't too popular). Oh, right, what's updated: put Extra Zeros examples in a table and removed them from the title and edited site index accordingly. Spaced site index out to make it easier to read. Other minor editing.

    11/23: Mauz, who was at Avatars98, posted in the Active Worlds newsgroups what Roland (Active Worlds' only programmer) said (edited): "Better 3D hardware support would be nice too. :) That's tough though...the only way I see that happening is with a native Direct3D port of AW (i.e. no more RenderWare). That's a big one..." Indeed. It's obvious Criterion doesn't want to improve it's Direct3D driver and software rendering is only so good, but now that just about every new PC has a 3D video card, software 3D rendering is just silly. Even with a Pentium II/450, having to do all the rendering in software (meaning more CPU processing) even though a 3D card made to do it is available cheap, and would speed things up much faster, is just stupid. Criterion is becoming rapidly obsolete.

    Also, E N Z O was overheard to've stated (edited): "I spoke with [the trueSpace people] yesterday. They are very excited: perhaps a special AW bundling deal and a building tool along with the [Life Forms] people who need [avatars]...maybe." Maybe indeed. Also (edited): "There is a plugin being written for trueSpace which will have a low priced AW bundle that outputs into RWX [for] probably around US $30 and Life Forms is working with them to provide an animation plugin. [I] was on the phone with both Seng from Credo [Interactive (makers of Life Forms)] and Terry from [Caligari (makers of trueSpace)]. There is also an [avatar] maker from COF; hopefully we can release it soon. ... There will be implementation of Direct3D soon (meaning in a year or so...) ..." My past experiences with E N Z O is that he's good about getting people's hopes up (but then never following through) so we'll see if these things actually happen...

    11/16: Tram picture link fixed in Shadows. LPMod info added to Modular Ground; Miscellaneous Utilities edited accordingly.

    11/14: Terminology's "terminology.html" file changed to "terms.html" to help simplify typing URLs.

    11/12: HagViewer 4.8a added to viewers.

    11/8: Program links added to modellers and viewers. Locating Specific Vertices added to RenderWare Scripting.

    10/31: Reducing Vertices & Polygons updated with 3DS object poly/vert reducer (mentioned by Challagar in the newsgroups).

    10/30: COB to RWX converter comments added to Programs.

    10/29: HenrikG's Texture Tutorial has moved; edited links and other links to it accordingly. Found another Perl script converter. Added a Cy Awards logo and link near the bottom of the main page. I should've probably done this right after I won it on 9/12 but I guess I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Anyway, thanks for letting me know you find this site useful. :)

    10/28: Edited RWXMod 1.7 help.

    10/21: Edited transform in Terminology and Table 2 in Avatars. New info on ClayWorks 3.0. Added link to, and updated, Converter Comments (Edited); edited site index accordingly.

    10/19: Updated Modular Ground with comments on Oct31's ground from Grover.

    10/15: Perl Scripts added to Programs; site index updated accordingly.

    10/14: Downloadable 3DI 2 and report added to Modellers. Edited Programs.

    10/13: Moved Reducing Vertices & Polygons to RenderWare Scripting; edited Viewers, Converters, and site index accordingly. Scale note added to Terminology.

    10/10: Tips & Tricks organized alphabetically (site index updated accordingly). Reducing Vertices & Polygons added to Converters.

    9/28: The source code to 3DWin is available, so if anyone wants to create a RWX-to-whatever converter, that would be helpful. Also conversions from other formats to RWX would be nice as well. Converters updated accordingly.

    9/25: Updated Modular Ground.

    9/24: Removed resizeable split between frames, so it looks cleaner. If the pull-down menu is cut off, you're probably using Microsoft Internet Explorer. try Objects d'Active Worlds and let me know if you have the same problem with the pull-down menu in the top frame there. At any rate, switch to frameless menu and use the text menu if you have problems. Modular Ground added. Site index updated accordingly. Can't believe I forgot to add Grover's Object Gallery to links, but it's there now.

    9/23: Moved news/updates to separate page since it was making the intro page long. If you registered this site with NetMind's URL-Minder, you'll have to change the registered page from intro-news.html to updates.html. Sorry for any inconvienence. Added gradient background to all pages. Added note to lightsampling vertex.

    9/18: Added lightsampling note to primitives.

    9/17: Well, there's a new version of Modeler out, but you have to go through a LOT of crap just to get it and it's total bloatware (1755K) now. Bypass MOST of the crap (still requires downloading a 789K lame plug-in for us non-Microslop IE users).

    9/13: Added bookcover screenshot of Learn 3D Graphics Programming on the PC in links. I forgot to mention this last week or so, but the author of RWX Forge may be resuming development soon. Updated GrimmSoft links in, and added HolyDiver's Little programs that make building in ActiveWorlds much easier to, programs.

    9/12: Added Rjinswand's LwobToRwx to converters. Added materialmode note. Added subsection links in scripting. Added HagViewer screenshot, and edited, viewers, terms, and site index. I plan on adding a modular ground section soon so stay tuned.

    9/10: Terms frame should now display correctly in Opera. Regarding Modeler (from Neil): "Next full beta release (Beta 3) will use InstallShield, and do all that stuff [DDE, automatic registering of RWX files with Modeler, etc]. Also will include some online help (using HTML Help). How much depends on the person writing its schedule (he is a college professor - just started classes). Might release one more Beta 2 with some of the help..." Download GrimmSoft programs from here for now.

    9/8: I am now in the process of updating Objects d'Active Worlds. Removed resizable split between the pull-down menu frame and bottom frame. Let me know if this causes any problems, as I only test with the latest Netscape Communicator and Opera. I finally fixed it so it displays correctly in Opera. Lame: this server doesn't like spaces in file names (even if the link is in quotes) so I've had to fix some of the graphic names. Added redundancy section to RWX Formatting. Updated, and edited, site index.

    9/7: Emailed 3DWin's (see Converters) programmer, Thomas Baier, about adding support for RWX importing and he said it wasn't a bad idea and that he'll add it to his to-do list. Added more converter comments to Converters. GrimmSoft is having problems. :/ Objects'd Active Worlds is down and in the process of relocating. I will attempt to get it back up and running at Update: Objects'd Active Worlds is back up.

    9/4: Added converter comments to Converters. Edited and increased size of text menus. Edited Measurement.

    9/3: Added JK's Aw & Rwx Page to Links. Removed mirror site link from menu frame and added a link back to my Active Worlds website. Edited, and increased size of, pull-down menus.

    9/2: Added PolyTrans to Converters.

    9/1: Found an avatar/object maker called 3DI. I'm in contact with one of the programmers, and should be aquiring a copy soon to evaluate. Added 3DI to Modellers. Added Magine's Intro to RWX Modeling to Links. Finally got around to adding Java View 3D to Viewers. Eh, it's Java....

    8/30: Reorganized Links. Added link in and fixed Terms so linking to other pages doesn't remain inside the frame.

    8/28: Reorganized GrimmSoft's programs (2 are editors, 1 is miscellaneous) Added HagViewer 2.04 to Viewers. Edited Programs: bolded some program names and double-spaced programs to make them stand out better. Got rid of the advantages/disadvantages tables in Viewers and just went to standard bulleted lists instead. I'm probably going to be making a big feature comparison table for all the viewers anyway, so stay tuned. Also added more screenshots to various programs. RWX Creator 3.0 is in development, too, supposedly.

    8/27: New Modeler version out. Only some minor bug fixes and it expires on November 1st. The next release will incorporate HTML help, supposedly. Edited Modeler 1.1 Beta's entry in modellers. Added links to demo links.

    8/26: Criterion's website hasn't been responding for a couple days now. I've emailed Canon about it. I'm also having a problem updating the Xoom site, so just use the TNLC mirror site for now, if you're not. I may just lose Xoom altogether if this keeps up... Edited, and made term notes more noticeable, in Terminology. Update: now my Xoom site isn't even shown as existing anymore so that's it—Xoom is gone. From now on this ( will be the only site. Screw Xoom. Update: OK, Criterion's site's back up. Whatever... Update: oh...just various updates here and there in Terms and RWX. (Yes, I'm getting sick of spelling them out all the time. I expect to be shortening "terms.html" to "terms.html" too...and probably "measurement-scale-objects.html" to maybe "m-s-o.html", "mso.html", or just "measurement.html". Wee, website design is SO fun...not.)

    8/21: Updated hints and model, and added z-buffering to Terminology.

    8/19: Added more info on SEQs from Grover in Avatars.

    8/18: Life Forms has a new website. Updated links in Avatars accordingly.

    8/17: Added AKAs (also known as) to Viewers. In Terminology, added format explanation, reorganized transform commands, and separated major terms/script commands by double, instead of single, lines to hopefully make things easier to read and distinguish.

    8/16: Edited Avatars. Added solidity collision detection graphic to, and edited, RenderWare Scripting's Non-solidity section.

    8/14: Added/updated notes to Terminology's lightsampling, surface, and texturemode sections.

    8/13: Added Complex Objects and updated the site index accordingly. Updated Terminology's primitives. Fixed Terminology's non-framed site navigation menu so it doesn't leave the terms pull-down frame.

    8/6: Andras has created yet another RWX utility. This one allows CorelDRAW! users to draw the lines, export as HPGL, and create the corresponding vertices and a vertex plot file. See Andras's AW Tools for more info. Doh! I forgot to change URL-Minder to use this page as the minded page, so if you've registered with URL-Minder (see below) before, either reregister or change the monitored URL accordingly. Sorry.

    8/3: Added Dachs' RWX-Objects in, and edited, Links. Edited Terminology. Added some screenshots to Programs. Finally got ahold of Modeler's programmer, Neil Colvin: turns out he was out of the country and his machine died, thus killing Modeler's website. He also said a new Modeler beta will be out in about 10 days.

    8/2: Modeler's website is back up. Edited RenderWare Scripting.

    7/25: Added menus for frame-capabilitiless (is that a word?) browsers. Did various editing on other pages. Modeler's site seems to be down and I haven't been able to get ahold of Neil (the programmer) to find out why, so the latest beta can be obtained from here. Unfortunately, it expires on September 1, 1998. :/

    7/23: Edited Terminology, fixed the darn metric-to-American conversion AGAIN in Measurement, Scale, & Object Manipulation, and added a Miscellaneous Utilities section and Andras's AW Tools in Programs.

    7/13: Edited Measurement, Scale, & Object Manipulation. Added an object site to, and edited, Links. Download ClayWorks 2.45 ClayWorks 2.45 (90K/ZIP/DOS) is out! It's still in DOS but a Windows version is in the works. See info.txt inside the ZIP for changes. Updated/edited Programs, accordingly. Edited RenderWare Scripting.

    7/12: I have found more info on matrix math (used in transform commands), specifically dealing with 3D, here Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but am still unclear as to how scaling and rotation are incorporated. I never took matrix algebra/geometry so if you have more information, please email me. Updated/edited Terminology.

    7/8: Well, it looks "official". The Active Worlds University is up, operational, and offering courses in RenderWare scripting, among other things. Updated Links, accordingly.

    7/7: Preliminary help docs for Modeler are at Added more info on trueSpace conversion to Avatars.

    7/6: Fixed the pull-down menu so it should fit in the frame in Internet Explorer. Now if I can just get the right frame tag/attribute so the frame doesn't split the screen incorrectly in Opera. If you know, or have any other problems with the site, please email me.

    6/23: New sPatch website at Added trueSpace conversion info to Avatars.

    6/17: Since the sPatch website seems to be down, more info can be found here (near bottom of page—sorry, no direct link), including tutorials and models. sPatch can be downloaded from here.

    6/16: sPatch RWX exporter updated: "It now removes the duplicate points and reassigns the polys that use the removed points. As a result, the models it creates are now more streamlined. Barring any bug reports, this is the last change I'm making to the exporter." URL of exporter and email address of author are below. Added exporters section to Programs.

    6/13: An sPatch RWX exporter (see Exporters) is in beta. "It allows direct export of whatever you're modelling in sPatch to RWX. The file it produces uses prototypes (thanks to Rjinswand's help) and it's laid out so that you (on reading the file) know what is what. Due to a limitation in sPatch the file writes out double sided polygons and many points are duplicated. Which brings me to my second task: an external program that takes the exported RWX and strips out all the dupes and reassigns the vertices on those polys that USE the removed points. I'm open to all queries, suggestions or comments." Email for more info. Also, HenrikG's Texturing Tutorial is back up. I'll leave it at the other location anyway for an unofficial mirror site. Added 3D Studio Max 2.0 and sPatch RWX exporters to Programs. Grover has a new Avatar Walk-Through.

    6/7: Corrected metric conversion in Measurement, Scale, & Object Manipulation. HenrikG's Texturing Tutorial is temporarily down. For now, you can use (new). Added 2 object sites in Links.

    6/4: Modeler 1.1 Beta 2 available; URL in last update entry.

    5/15: The latest Modeler beta can be accessed from Hopefully Neil will add an update page to see what's been changed over the builds/versions.

    5/6: Added Direct3D filtering example to Terms. A new Modeler build is available here (180K/ZIP); release notes. Just unZIP into the directory where the former modeler.exe is, replacing it, and it should work.

    5/5: Added primitives to Terms.

    5/3: A trial beta version 1.1 of Modeler (500K/ZIP) is available that expires on 6/1. Preliminary release notes are here.

    4/19: Neil Colvin has set up a Modeler website! This guy is good...and he moves quick. I think I've tested like 12 builds just this week alone. A public-release beta version will be available soon on it and this site. RenderWare modelling is about to get a LOT easier!

    4/16: Edited Avatars. Also, Life Forms 3.0 will be coming out around May 15, so maybe the demo version will allow saving/exporting of more than 5 frames. I found a beta 1 version here but it requires a serial number. This beta release might not have the save disabled and exporting limited to 5 frames, but I don't know. If anyone finds a serial number for it, email me.

    4/15: Some interesting news on Life Forms (used for avatar animations). Neil Colvin's Modeler is developing quickly. It already supports RenderWare 2.1 and bugs are being fixed left and right. I'm also trying to get the two Modeler developers I know of working together so its development can move quicker still. Stay tuned...

    4/13: As usual, COF is lagging in releasing the modular ground landscaping program so who knows when, if ever, it will be released. Maybe if more people bug them, also as usual, they will release it. Shamus Young is the actual developer of it so telegram (Young Shamus) or email him ( and Enzo ( and maybe that'll do something. Also, another Modeler developer, Neil Colvin, emailed me and I am currently testing his version. When he releases it to the public, it will be added.

    4/1: A developer for Modeler has been found: "I will be receiving source code shortly. A few additional tools need to be purchased for this project. The latest RenderWare API is on my list. I currently have versions 1.4 and 2.0. I will check the code for compatibility when it arrives. I will port the code from Borland C/C++ 4.0 to Microsoft Visual C/C++ 5.0 and Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0. A web site for the documentation, distribution and end user support of the product is being designed. I will keep you informed of my progress." Email him if you can help out!

    3/30: Finally heard back from the creator of RWX Forge; turns out it wasn't really in development. :/ But maybe if enough people pressure him into developing Modeler and/or VENOM (if the source code ever becomes available), he might take that on. Edited Terminology and added texture/mask graphic example.

    3/29: Yes! Finally figured out a way around Modeler's CD-ROM requirement! Check it out in Modellers. Also made rwx.dll (the RenderWare 1.4 DLL used by VENOM and Modeler) a separate download and removed it from VENOM's ZIP, now that I know it works for Modeler too. :) Enjoy!

    3/28: Added VENOM to Modellers. I also finally have the Ferarro CD and am still trying to figure out Modeler's copy protection. The author of Modeler is still willing to release the source code for its development, so please email the author if you are interested!

    3/26: Changed Modellers/Viewers/Editors/Converters to just Programs in order to include texture mappers, and for sanity purposes when typing out a link. Added new SEQ info from grover in Avatars. Removed last update line from this page, since these news/update entries exist. Edited Terminology.

    3/22: COF is about to release a beta of a modular ground landscaping creation program. Basically, it takes USGS (United States Geographcal Survey) DEMs (digital elevation maps—real geographical data) and/or BMPs (of anything) and creates user-defined-sized "pieces" that will fit together perfectly manually or automatically integrated into a world's cell database. I have seen 3 test worlds with this type of ground and it looks good. The ground in Cubed is based off this concept of a modular ground, but I had no idea they were created with a program, I created all those objects manually, and they aren't nearly as complex as the objects this program can create. Unfortunately, supposedly, it will not be free, but if it's as good as it should be, maybe it's worth it.

    3/21: Texture Mapper 2.0 Beta added to Links.

    3/17: RWX Forge seems to no longer be in development; the website doesn't exist anymore.

    3/12: Subframe and terms pull-down menu added to Terminology.

    3/5: UV Map added to Links.

    3/2: OK, Xoom should be working fine, for now anyway. I might just move over to Lara's domain, permanently though. Mirror sites are a pain to update anyway.

    2/25: A mirror site is now setup in case Xoom is lagging (which has been happening a lot lately). Lara has been kind enough to offer server space. Thanks, Lara!

    2/24: Adding more graphic examples of things in Terminology.

    2/21: Frames are here! Don't worry; they're not painful. I'll make a better non-framed version if enough people complain. Please email me with any broken links.

    2/17: RWXStudio (RWXEdit) is now available! Also, the creator of Modeler 1.0b has agreed to release the source code! If someone wants to develop it, please email him IMMEDIATELY! It needs upgrading to RenderWare 2.1, for starters.

    2/10: More news on ClayWorks.

    2/9: A new version of ClayWorks (version 2.41) is in development. It's in a special pre-release phase right now, but if you want to try it out, email the author and he should give you a copy. If not, email me and I will. I'd post it here but I respect his wishes to have people email him directly for it instead. ClayWorks is still only DOS-based and buggy, but at least it's back in development after a couple years now (ClayWorks 2.37d was released in 1995).

    2/6: Added Crossroads converter comments.

    1/26: Added how to create actions/gestures/sequences (SEQ) files from LifeForms, as compiled from newsgroup posts, as well as other new info.


    12/1: Page back up after I took it down because Robert Patterson (Tyrell) decided to copy (local copy) my page with new colors and put it up as his own with no credit given to me. It also has links to other RW tutorials/help files/guides (which grover decided to copy, but, hey, I guess we all plagarize, eh?). Now Lucrezia has copied the page.

    11/25: Posted preliminary RW tutorial link to worldbuilders newsgroup.

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