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RWX Modifier (RWXMod) Help

Author: Unknown
Editing: Eep²

RWXMod browses and modifies RWX-format models. RWXMod lets you select and view the model from various angles before using it to build in Active Worlds. RWXMod is a superset of RWXLook, which used to be included with Active Worlds.

RWXMod will not work at the same time as Active Worlds under Windows 3.1. You must use Windows 9x/NT to run both programs concurrently.

Moving A Preview Model

While viewing a model, you may move it around to see it better.

Menu Command Reference

File | Edit | View | Utilities | Options



From the Edit menu you can change objects, or undo changes in some cases. Changes made save to disk only if you save an RWX file explicitly, using the "Save As" command on the "File" menu. Edit commands include:


The view menu changes the way an object looks, without saving your changes. The view commands include:


Generate Registry File: Displays a Generate Registry File window in which you enter the output file path, the input directory path (a file path and name or wildcard mask, such as "*.RWX"), and a comma-separated list of model names to exclude. REGISTRY.TXT is a file used by Active Worlds world servers to calculate encroachment between objects.


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