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6/21: Replaced search with Google search.
6/11: Fixed dead Cy Awards image (yet again)...

5/20: Yes, I's been almost a year. Alas, I'm barely in AW anymore, let alone RWXing. I've been Wikipeding (Wikipediaing?) a lot lately and I noticed some dead links here while editing the Wikipedia RenderWare article (which I started--<gloat, gloat> :P ), so I thought I'd fix 'em. Alas, the old Webopedia site I was using for basic 3D terms on the intro page is sorely outdated, so I changed 'em all to Wikipedia links, naturally. nVidia's glossary (on terms) is OK for now though... And since the RenderWare site is essentially (and Criterion's site is fully) dead now that Electronic Arts' done its Borg thing and assimilated yet another company, they link to Wikipedia now too. It must be all part of the New World Order or something...


3/11: Links: fixed various links.

3/10: Added Internet Archive link to main page. Corrected table header fix HTML code below.

2/24: Fixed table headers by replacing "<h3>" with "<font size=+1>"--lame.

2/23: Intro: changed VRML link to be consistent with other links in that paragraph. Fixed iframe HTML code for Mozilla FireFox--a stupid <p> was the culprit. Throughout the site, table headers have too much vertical space and the hover stylesheet code causes anchor tags to highlight entire paragraphs. Some HTML standards shouldn't be strictly followed, Mozilla!


9/6: Terms - added object name length limit note to model. # (pound) note 2 reworded a bit and added older RWX program reference.

9/4: Terms - updated texturemode lit and added lighting links to some terms. RWX - updated Reducing & Removing Polygons hardware rendering support.

8/30: Links - updated Robbie's trueSpace tutorials and renamed some other links in order to alphabetize them better.

8/27: Links - updated Virtech/Nomad 1/Mindseye's (whatever he's calling himself now) link since he added his modular trees back...finally.

8/26: Intro - updated first paragraph. Seems I forgot to add this on 7/28: Electronic Arts bought Criterion Software (which, of course, makes RenderWare). Terms - elaborated primitives polygon density note.

8/25: Avatars - tweaked some formatting/wording in SEQs. Files - added 3D Object Converter.

8/24: Files - updated modellers intro since I've been using 3DSMax lately and added a converter scale mirror note (and to scale).

8/22: Links - changed AWC to AWI; added Zola3D object link. Avatars - updated SEQ tag table.

8/18: Files - added quick3D converter notes and 3D Studio Max 2 export plug-in grouped object note.

8/15: Terms - added textureaddressmode/prototype notes. Minor editing of RWX redundancy and extra zeroes.

8/13: Links - fixed Abracadata link.

8/10: Terms - updated textureaddressmode.

8/6: Terms - updated primitives texturemapping (and added a polygon density problem workaround) notes and added texturemapping prototype note and other notes to mask.

8/5: RWXing - Added "also called static lighting" to prelighting.

7/27: Terms - added DFF format model note. Files - added Sketch-Up to, moved ZModeler in, and created RW3 DFF section.

7/26: Measurement - moved rotation degree amounts before fractional amounts to be consistent with other scales.

7/25: RWXing - added textureaddressmode clamp to shadow tree example.

7/23: RWXing - added some applications to, and edited, prelighting.

7/21: RWXing (non-solidity) - added nested clump note and edited avatar collision. Terms - added non-solid collision detection link to geometrysampling solid; terms list/menu - added "non-solid(ity), changed "solid" to "solid(ity)", "collision" to "collision (detection)", and "z-buffering" to "z-buffer(ing)" (+ Wikipedia definition link). Changed transform table border color yet again.

7/18: Links - I recreated the missing ex5a.gif from HenrikG's Texture Tutorial (part 2); added more object links. Files - HagViewer 4.8a: replaced screenshot (I can't believe I had that color scheme!), rearranged its layout a bit, and edited.

7/17: Terms - added UV note from kf.

7/16: Links - added some object sites (+ fixed Robbie's dead links). Files - added Pick Color. Terms - added textureaddressmode images, reworded coordinates, added "origin" to term list, fixed some links, moved textureaddressmode under "texture", fixed geometry-/lightsampling table centering, edited opacityfix note, changed transform table border color, and added bottom menu.

7/15: Might help if I actually uploaded the scrollbar stylesheet template file, eh? Files - edited Andras' tools and Blender converter comment. Intro/News/Updates - fixed iframe links so they show in main window instead of iframe. Links - fixed Virtech/NoMad 1's link (though the site doesn't have anything other than his newer paths on it, unfortunately). RWXing - added another Grover 3D ground image to ground.

7/13: Files - translated some more of HagViewer's German text into English; edited LPMod. RWXing - tweaked sectional ground creation program links. Terms - added polygon note (thanks to Stephan Vogt for reminding me) and edited opacityfix. Intro - tweaked legal notice and Cy Awards notice. Added scrollbar stylesheet. Site Index - added primitives to RWX > Tips/Tricks > Complex Objects. Intro - added news/updates iframe.

7/12: Measurement - added icons for cell, scene/world, and scale. Site Index - added some more icons. Terms - tweaked icon layout/naming. Fixed all frames to correct size for smaller menu font. Files - updated Perl scripts. Old News/Updates - tweaked layout.

7/11: Measurement - Object Manipulation - corrected rotation axis allowance, added keyboard controls note, changed mouse movement link, edited intro, and added a detachable unit converter window. RWX - Tips & Tricks - added icon and complex object tutorial links note and updated primitives. Search works again...finally (was down since changing hosts) but the menu form doesn't work right--and I don't know why. Menu - reduced wording to make thinner. Sitemap - edited layout. Links - added Starheart's tutorial and models.

7/9: Files - Added 3D-Analyze, removed numbered entries from texture mappers and misc utils.

7/8: Files - Added Crystal Space XML-to-RWX converter, Blender converter comment, RWXThing, Wings 3D, and bottom menu. Tweaked frame size since a smaller pull-down menu font (8-point Tahoma) is being used.

7/7: Measurement - tweaked unit converter and fonts of various tables.

7/6: Links - added Heu's RWX Lexicon. Tweaked this page's footer layout a bit. Terms - fixed some links to Grover's site. Files - SpringDance is back, put viewers anchor links on 2 lines.

6/29: Fixed various links. Added Internet Archive Wayback Machine symbol to intro icon legend and "RenderWare Scripting" icon. Updated primitive polygon density note. Tweaked site index layout.

6/27: Terms - added primitive polygon density note, includes and horizontal lines to separate commands better; tweaked terms (+ list pull-down menu) frames; updated hints note to include all AW versions since 3, not just version 3(.0); fixed some unjustified text. Files - added RWXMod advantage 7, Internet Archive link for Rjinswand's LwobToRwx (which is still not available) to converters, XelaG's RWXMapper to texturemappers; fixed Foxy's links; replaced Modeler screenshot. Links - added Foxy's modular lakes (and streams). RWXing - removed/edited some dead links and tweaked stylesheet (which will most likely be applied to the other pages in time).

6/20: Links - fixed/removed some dead ones, including adding local copies of Grover's and HenrikG's RWX pages (if anyone has ex5a.gif from part 2 of Henrik's texture tutorial, please email it to me). Added decameter to metric units. Adjusted indentation of measurement. Tweaked terms list frame.

6/19: Added some more menu icons and some Internet Archive links to an increasing number of dead links. Columned (moved graphics/text into columns) complex objects, texture, texturemode filter to use space better and shorten the length of the page.

6/18: Fixed nVidia's 3D Glossary link in terms.

6/10: Edited intro. A few days ago I learned about Wikipedia, an open-content encyclopedia. Added a RenderWare entry (and a link to it from this site). Feel free to contribute to it.

6/7: Holy crap (wait, is crap really holy?)--another update--and almost within a week too! <gasp> Eh...anyway, I found a 3DS Max tutorial (real basic though, but it's a start) for creating a crate. Tweaked this page's font.

5/30: What's this--an update? <faint> Yes, it's true...but not much of one--not even really worth mentioning, really, but I'm thorough, damn it! Anyway, right, the update: added "+" to various programs' OS compatibility since I figured they work in later Windows versions. Buuut, if not, email me... OK, the real reason is because with the release of Thief: Deadly Shadows, its colors use the 0-1 scale, like RWX does, and I linked to (and edited the description of) RGB-to-RW Color in a forum post and didn't want to imply it didn't work in WinXP. Well, I haven't tested it in WinXP but it works fine in Win2K so, like, why wouldn't it work in WinXP since it's based off Win2K, eh?? Eh...whatever...

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