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year  2003
genre(s)  action
developer(s) Running With Scissors
publisher(s) Whiptail Interactive
engine Unreal 2


Atmospheric/environmental effects


  • blood puddles/splats
  • bodies: twitch when hit/kicked
  • location-specific NPC body damage: heads detach, blood spurts, body falls over, twitching, crawling
  • bubbles: hot beer, pee puddles
  • cold air: meat freezer doors & vents, store dairy shelves
  • crumbs: dog biscuits
  • diseased cow head fly swarms and disease clouds
  • drips: gas & pee (ceilings, objects, people), water (pipes, sprinklers)
  • dust: feet/kick impacts
  • electricity arcs: stungun
  • explosions, fire; see particle effects
  • gas: forms puddles (+ expands, fades away after awhile)
  • mist: waterfalls (napalm factory pipe breaks, rivers)
  • pee: forms puddles (+ expands, fades away after awhile, bubbles & splash if on same spot); turns: red (blood) when player shot, orange (infected) after player visits Napalm factory
  • smoke: chimneys, fire, exploded vehicles, gunshots
  • sparks: bullet impacts, napalm pours/vents (+ bounce)
  • steam: grates, napalm, peeing on some hot things, stungun, vents


Player character



  • people
    • attack when attacked
    • chit-chat with other NPCs
    • firing weapons/kicking causes some to cower, run away, scream, and/or shoot back
    • face/look at player when he breaks glass
    • peeing on causes comments, some to barf, shoot player, and/or cough and wipe pee off face
    • running into causes comments
  • cats: attracted to catnip, run away when approached too quickly (sometimes) or if peed on or something thrown at
  • dogs: attack cats (sometimes), some growl and/or attack when approached, most will befriend (and attack enemies of) player if given a dog biscuit, pee on dead bodies, retrieve thrown objects (except food which they eat), sometimes take a crap after eating (I've seen the turds appear but haven't actually seen a dog leave one yet)


environmental interaction



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