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Modellers | Exporters | Editors | Viewers | Converters | Texture Mappers | Miscellaneous Utilities

Despite RenderWare's age (circa 1993) and seemingly popularity, not many RenderWare-specific programs have been created that make RenderWare scripting (ideally, modelling) easy. Creating RenderWare objects was very irritating to me at first and all I had (and still use, for the most part) was a text editor (I like UltraEdit the best) and viewer. So, hopefully, people new to RenderWare object creation will have an easier time of it than I did.

Some of these programs can fit into multiple categories, but I tried to group them into the most appropriate ones. For example, modellers can also be used as viewers, texture mappers, and even converters, but not usually editors.

Note: If anyone has any additional information about the existence of any other RenderWare-specific programs other than those listed/linked to from here, specifically modellers that can load/import and/or save/export to RenderWare script (RWX) format, email me.

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Path: a directory specified in autoexec.bat where programs look for files. See alternate definition. By placing all the RenderWare DLLs (dynamic linking library) into the same path directory (I use "c:\utils", for example) you don't have to have multiple copies of the same DLLs in each program's directory. This will work for Active Worlds 2.2-, too (AW3+ doesn't use RW DLLs).

Windows compatibility: I've only tested most of these programs on Windows 98 and Windows 2000 so if you have another Windows version (95, ME, XP, etc) and they work fine, let me know. They should all work on any Windows 9.x+ version but you never know...


3DI | 4DBuilder | AccuTrans | ClayWorks | Modeler | SpringDance | TerraFormer | VENOM | Wings 3D

Modellers allow one to visually, through the use of a graphical user interface (GUI), create a 3D model (hence the term modeller). This is, usually, a much easier (and intuitive) way of creating a model because it is done in real-time without the need for constant opening in a separate viewer after a modification has been made, for instance. Good modellers allow for individual vertex creation/manipulation/deletion, texture mapping, hierarchial clumping, etc, while remaining simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, not many such modellers exist. Of the commercial ones I've tried (3D Studio 3/Max 2 Beta/2.5/3/4/5/6, Caligari trueSpace 3.x, NewTek LightWave 3D 6.5, and Alias|wavefront Maya 3/4), I find them unintuitive, hard to use, and have "clunky" user interfaces. Needless to say, I am not "turned on" by modelling, find it very frustrating, and still mainly just use a text editor and viewer to create RenderWare objects (though as of mid-2004 I have, for some reason, been picking up 3DS Max and am making an increasing amount of objects with it). Hopefully that will change soon if a RenderWare-specific modeller can be developed and updated...

Until such time, or until an existing modeller (3D Studio/Max, LightWave, sPatch, trueSpace, Maya, etc) with correct RenderWare script (RWX) exporting capabilities comes along, editing a text file (which is too much like programming to me) will not be easy. But, for the most part, it's all we have so we have to make due.

Cyber Frontiers Internet Archive Wayback Machine 3DI 2 (156K, DOS): I haven't used this much and find it unfriendly, but you may get something out of it. Let me know if you find it useful and/or have something to add about it here.

4DBuilder .99 Beta (2.8MB, Win); website Internet Archive Wayback Machine: A defunct modeller that can open/save RWX format (as well as other formats). I have problems loading most, if not all, RWXs though. :/ Let me know if you have better success.

AccuTrans: The developer calls it a converter, and from version 2.4.52 on it can open/save/manipulate RWXs. However, I call AccuTrans a modeller because it can create new objects without importing, and its manipulation abilities (hierarchial objects—like avatars: clump tagging, and setting transform joint rotation—a bitch to do manually in RWXs; moving verts—including finding their exact, numerical position, ala HagViewer); and now editing SEQs, show AccuTrans is not just a converter.

AccuTrans is now free (shareware anyway), but has no undo and is way too complex, confusing, disorganized, and badly designed for its own good. It's worth a look if you're a sado-masochist and can't stand doing avatar joint transforms. And if in the unlikely event you actually can manage to use this thing, it's cheaper $20 registration fee might be worth paying. Casay tells me the avatar joint transform help section has been rewritten, but I haven't tried it since avatar joint transforms were first implemented into AccuTrans (and have no desire to try again anytime soon).

Tim Lewis' ClayWorks 2.45: Can load/save to RWX format, but it is kind of crude (since it's a DOS program) and buggy. However, ClayWorks 3.0 (alpha now available) is in development, which will hopefully be a Windows program.

Modeler: Modeler was originally created by Tony Polichroniadis written as a final-year college project when studying for his BSC hons at Leeds University around 1995. In 1998, the source code (through my persistance) became available and Neil Colvin began developing it. I list both versions here because the original does not expire and Neil's does (and he may start charging for Modeler one day, so this way people can always still use the original, older version for free), and for historical purposes to see how Modeler has changed throughout its development.

SpringDance: While not a full-fledged modeller, per se, SpringDance can export to RWX and create artistic-type models. The website isn't too clear about what it does but the manual says:

Its interface needs some work (it's still in beta) but I guess it could be fun to play around with for a little while anyway.

Shamus Young's TerraFormer: A landscape generator currently in beta testing (last I heard about it anyway). Read its help and look at some screenshots: screenshots. This is also supposedly the rumored modular groundmaking program (which could also supposedly convert DEMs to RWX files) AWCI wouldn't release over a year ago for varied and misleading reasons. But Terraformer can't even handle DEM files! AWCI wouldn't release it, despite E N Z O (AWCI CEO/President) himself saying he would, and then, a few months later, claiming if it was released it would take away money from them; whatever that crap meant. Oh well.

Russel Pacy's VENOM (672K, Win 3.11/9x); website: (Virtual ENvironment Object Modeller) was in development as a college project from 1994-1995, but has since been discontinued. It is kind of buggy but it can do basic primitives modelling and texture mapping (spheric/cubic), scaling, rotation, and merging. I'm trying to aquire the source code to it, but haven't heard back from the programmer yet. Email him and maybe he'll respond.

Wings 3D: Saves to RWX--that's all I know about it (thanks to Imagine).


These modellers can save/export to RW3's DFF binary object format, which AW3+ supports.




An editor is a shortened form of "text editor". A RenderWare script (RWX) is an ASCII file. Since the script files are just text files, just about any text editor can be used, like Microsoft Windows Notepad, WordPad, DOS Edit, UltraEdit, etc. These specific RenderWare editors are text-based programs used to make RenderWare scripting easier (in theory anyway). Any text editor will work, but these editors contain enhancements for RenderWare scripting that you may or may not find helpful. Try them out, see which work(s) for you, and, remember, you can always just use Notepad or another text editor. I still just use a "normal" text editor (UltraEdit), but these editors may aid the beginner in understanding RWX format and layout.

MrGrimm's Rwx Creator (RWX Edit; 2.8MB—bloatware, Win9x+) Internet Archive Wayback Machine (no download) and Rwx Notepad Internet Archive Wayback Machine (no download)

Arlin Tower Enterprises' RWXEdit Beta 1 (179K, Win9x+): An older (but still the same as I can't notice any difference except in extreme file size—uncompressed executables: RWXStudio's 5,339K vs RWXEdit Beta 1's 1,146K), smaller (no bloated installation files and extra, integrated run-time files you probably already have) version of RWXStudio Internet Archive Wayback Machine (the next version of RWXEdit which has supposedly been in development for years, but the website hasn't changed; see new website). Don't confuse this with MrGrimm's now defunct RWX Edit (now RWX Creator).

RWX Forge: This was an editor/viewer supposedly in development. 9/98 update: the author may resume development soon...but I guess not, eh? :/


AlphaWorld Object Browser | RenderWare Object Painter | RWX Modifier | RenderWare RWX Cleanup Tool
HagViewer | Java View 3D | 3D Explorer | DirectX 8 Viewer | RWXViewer

Viewers are a good way to check out your model as you make changes to it and before uploading into a world. What I do is reload the object after any change to see how it's affected. It would be nice to have a real-time modeller that allows direct manipulation of the RWX--perhaps auto-sensing when it's changed like UltraEdit does). There are a few viewers out there, and each have their advantages and disadvantages. So try them out, see which one you like, and set the paths correctly on some [which can be done simply by placing a dot (.) in the field, which means the current open directory is used]. RW programs seem to have a limit as to how large the paths can be, so if you have your models and textures sorted in many directories that path limit will be reached rather quickly.

Dataman's AlphaWorld Object Browser B-10 (RWXLook) (27K, Win9x+) screenshot

Criterion's RenderWare 2.1.11 MR2 Object Painter (RWPaint) download (36K, Win9x+) screenshot

Criterion's RenderWare 3D Object Viewer 2.1.09 MR1 (RWView) download (71K, Win9x+)

Dataman's RWX Modifier Beta 1.7 (RWXMod) download (61K, Win9x+) download (alternate) screenshot

Criterion's RenderWare RWX Cleanup Tool 1.2 (RWClean) download (38K, Win9x+)

Hagen's HagViewer 4.8a download (90K, Win9x+) screenshot: a German¹ viewer with a main feature of wireframe vertex/polygon selection. HagViewer is kind of buggy: in version 2.4, a window appears after execution, with "This program is a program" (duh, no, really?), it doesn't open a lot of RWXs (see below), has refresh problems (and annoyingly slow object rotation!), and it run-time errors. The programmer just needs to test it better, but it's semi-useful anyway.

The user interface seems more adept in version 4.8a; all windows are within a single window now, although their "state"--positions, maximized/minimized, etc--should be remembered when last quit, and there is something called "script command verification" but I haven't used it. I'd like to be able to edit RWXes in it (considering there's a "save" function) but I guess it was never implemented. For years I've been trying to get Hagen (through Dachs, his friend) to develop HagViewer more--or at least release the source code--but so far no luck. :(

Java View 3D: A Java viewer capable of viewing RWXs. I don't like Java much (too slow) and have never used this.

3D Explorer: I've been following development of this product for years and only until 5/8/1 has it finally been beta anyway. It allows viewing RWXes, converting from DXF, and other things explained on its website.

MrGrimm's DirectX 8 RWX Viewer (Win9x+, DirectX 8+): An early test version with no texture (textured objects should still load without them, however), prototype, or wireframe support, and keyboard object movement only. It starts slowly because a null object loads, according to Grimm, who needs help figuring out why some avatars (Kelly, bike, techie, and Opie) don't load correctly. Note: cull mode shows reverse polygon sides (like materialmode double). Read D3DRwx.txt inside zip for more info.

FoxMcCloud's RWXViewer download (235K, Win9x+): I got this from Bowen who got it from FoxMcCloud around June 2001. According to Bowen, FoxMcCloud has since stopped developing it and is supposedly working on an Active Worlds "clone". There is no known website for FoxMcCloud and the only email address I have for him are from the AW newsgroups. If you have any information on how to contact him, please email me.



Converters change/import-export/"transform" various 3D model formats to RenderWare script (RWX) format:

Converter from these file formats to RWX Alternate Download Locations
3D Object Converter formats
3DWin Internet Archive Wayback Machine (source code available) Generic ASCII (RAW)
3D Studio (3DS/PRJ)
Alias/Wavefront (OBJ)
Audodesk/standard 3D model format (DXF)
DirectX (X)
Imagine (IOB/OBJ)
Lightwave (LWO/LWS)
POV-Ray (POB/POV) (40K, DOS) 3D Studio (3DS) (67K, DOS) Autodesk/standard 3D model format (DXF)
AccuTrans 3D Studio (3DS)
Audodesk/standard 3D model format (DXF)
trueSpace 4 (COB)
Wavefront/Blender (OBJ)
(also from RWX to these formats); other formats
HamFon's COB Dump: also converts trueSpace animations to SEQs trueSpace (COB)
Significa's COB to RWX (down since 1/28/99; Internet Archive Wayback Machine) trueSpace (COB) (190K, DOS)
Okino PolyTrans: The demo removes every 5th polygon but the models I tested seemed fine.
formats; (RWX export info)
quick3D: RWX files must have modelbegin/modelend in order to be read; otherwise a "This .rwx file contains no geometry." error occurs. Also, some RWXes (ones with prototypes and some avatars) will crash it.
Criterion's RenderWare 3D Converter 2.0 (258K, Win9x+)
RenderWare 2.0 DLLs (393K) are required because this converter has not been updated for RenderWare 2.1; place these in the directory the converter is installed into.
3D Studio (3DS)
Autodesk/standard 3D model format (DXF)
Rjinswand's LwobToRwx Internet Archive Wayback Machine Lightwave (LWO)
Commie's RWXtoLW (in progress) Lightwave (LWO)
Xela's Terragen-to-RWX Terragen terrain (TER)
Download VRML Converter 2.0 Criterion's VRML Converter 2.0
(80K, Win9x+)
virtual reality modelling language (VRML) 1.0 (WRL)
Xela's X-to-RWX: Needs a new name since it converts more than just .X files... DirectX ASCII (X)
3D Studio (3DS)
3D Canvas LP/Pro
Volker's Crystal Space XML-to-RWX Crystal Space XML

Converter Comments
(quotes edited)

Converters tend to seriously clutter up RWX files with a lot of unnecessary crap. Also, many converted objects tend to have high vertex and polygon counts because of usually being modelled in more high-end 3D modelling programs like 3D Studio Max, trueSpace, Lightwave, etc. Learn more about reducing vert/poly counts without deforming objects.

Challagar: "When converting from other 3D object formats to RenderWare (RWX) the problem that is probably encountered most is reversed faces which give an appearance of the object being 'inside out'. The faces can be reversed by hand which is a pain in the neck. But, who has the time to reverse 200 or more faces individually? Don't scrap it! Just make your object an exact mirror image of the one that you need. When you have it exactly the way you want it (except for being a mirror image), convert it and do the usual vertex cleaning and scaling in RWXMod. Then add the line 'scale -1 1 1' in the RWX file. This line will produce an exact mirror image of your converted object with the exception that all the faces will be reversed in orientation. Using this small little line can save hours of frustration and otherwise scrapped work."

Crossroads 3D: Converts from other formats to formats usable by the above converters.


Texture Mappers

Texture mapping is a pain to do manually. Despite HenrikG's Texture Tutorial, texture mapping is still not as easy as he claims it is. These programs are an attempt to make this process easier, but they have farther to go if they are to be true (including cubical, cylindrical, and spherical texture mapping) texture mappers. 3D Studio Max has very good texture mapping capabilities.

Miscellaneous Utilities

Modellers | Exporters | Editors | Viewers | Converters | Texture Mappers | Miscellaneous Utilities

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