Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven


Wikipedia:Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
year  2002
genre(s)  action-driving simulation
developer(s) Illusion Softworks
engine LS3D


atmospheric/environmental effects

  • dust: broom sweeping, impacts (bullets, character long jump and roll, vehicle), vehicle tire kickup
  • explosions, fire; see particle effects
  • smoke: chimneys, cigars/cigarettes, fire, explosions, gunshots, train, vehicles (damaged, exhaust, tire skids), vents (some)
  • sparks: bullet/vehicle impacts
  • steam: grates, hot drinks (some), train, vents
  • vehicles: incremental damage (broken glass, dents, engine steam, off-centered steering, bumpers/headlights fall off, scrapes, slower acceleration/speed proportional to damage, tire blowouts, wheels wobble, etc), skidmarks, tire kickup (dirt, grass); gas guage (can run out of gas), odometer, turn signals
  • bridge raises/lowers for barges
  • bathtub soap suds
  • leaking/squirting train car oil with moving stream
  • drinking glasses fill/drain liquid
  • some objects shake when hit/shot; see environmental interaction
  • water: fire hydrants, fountains, hose, rain, mist (steamboat wheel); splash (people, vehicles)
  • weather: fog, lightning, rain
    • wind (some): drapes, flags, laundry lines, trees


player character



  • dodge, evade, take cover (+ run and scream), cower (crouch, lay down on ground, beg for mercy)
  • get in/out: elevated trains, trollies, parked cars (+ drive off and repark elsewhere and walk around)
  • help player carry boxes
  • honk vehicle horns (+ get out of way of player's honking vehicle)
  • light-sensitive
  • on-fire guy runs and jumps into ocean
  • pull player out of carjacked car (some)
  • throw molotov cocktails/grenades





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