Tomb Raider: Legend

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Wikipedia:Tomb Raider: Legend
year  2005
genre(s)  action-adventure
developer(s) Crystal Dynamics
publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
engine proprietary
name  Lara Croft


collision detection

  • body: adjusts to stairs/slopes when crawling, crouched, and lying on ground, but blips/flickers a lot
  • feet adjust to stairs/slopes/objects when standing (but walking/running still don't)

Player character


  • lie on ground (+ move), climb (+ diagonally and z-axis slopes, grappling hook), swing (grappling hook, ropes)
  • no: running skid, looking (while crouched, lying on ground, on all 4s, hanging, swimming, in stealth mode), mid-air somersaults (jump + back-or-forward + roll)
  • Head doesn't move when holding a weapon while looking around


Environmental interaction

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